Can someone explain Richard & young Locke to me?

I’m still not understanding the episode when Richard visited young Locke & presented things to him.  Why did that happen?  What was Richard trying to learn?  Why?  Why/how did Locke have a drawing of the Smoke Monster on the wall?

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15 thoughts on “Can someone explain Richard & young Locke to me?

  1. all the little seeds the writers planted like richard visting locke was all pointless, the writers didnt have a clue where the show was heading, they just put all that sort of stuff in to con you into watching everyweek. They wasnt the genius writers you thought they were, just making it up as they went along matey.

  2. WHEN locke returns to richards camp after ben turns the wheel in season 5, he tells Richard where and when he will be born and that he will be a leader of the others. Richard sets out to see if Locke was telling the truth, and sets a few items out in front of him. After realizing that Locke is not a leader because of his selection of the knife, showing (something i have no idea), richard gives up on him as a leader and leaves never to return to him again.

  3. Not exactly. He said he went 3 times. Once for the birth. Once for the test. And the third time was when Locke was a teen and was recruited by Mittelos Laboratories. We don’t *see* Richard, but he talked to the teacher on the phone.

    BTW: Mittelos’ logo resembles Dharma’s a bit.

    As for Locke’s picture … I think the writers were toying with us. It probably *was* just a kids drawring of a campfire where the smoke overwhems someone. Only represents a safety tip he learned at camp about staying far away from the fire.

  4. lostangela,
    I think that scene is very significant, because it gives us something to think about relating to the origins of the Others, here’s my theory:

    What if young Locke wasn’t the only person Richard asked about past-life belongings? What if every person the Others tried recruiting to become an Other was tested on this? I believe the Others understood reincarnation, and that “life, death, and rebirth” meant that you could possibly remember a previous life..
    It was important for the Others to only recruit people who could display this gift..

  5. bobt, i don’t agree because when young Locke did not choose the compass, Richard got very angry and left immediately. So if Others perform this procedure in every recruiting, why did he get so angry?
    And i believe that Others do not understand reincarnation, they believe “dead is dead”.

    …There reason for Richard visited young Locke is the visit of Locke in 1954. At their first meeting in the timeline, John said that he knew Richard in the future, where Locke is leader of the Others.To prove his claims, Locke said that in two years he would be born in Tustin, California, and gave him the compass then disappear in front of Richard. (ref. )
    ..This was the first “magical” person that Richard met after 1800s (other magical people were Jacob and MIB).
    ..So he visited the baby Locke in order to be sure.
    ..And years later, he visited young Locke and tested him for if he is special (in a way) or not. There were 2 possibilities : he would choose the compass or something else. If the first one would happen, he would prove that Locke is special however i don’t know what would do after this point. The possibility of Locke choosing something else was more probable so i don’t know why he got so angry.
    .. There is a problem, the test that Richard perform on young Locke proved that Locke was not special, he only traveled through time with other Losties. So how or why did young John draw Smoke Monster? This is for creating mystery, writers do not have an answer for it, so don’t think over about it anymore, we just conned..

  6. @zaurakh
    No, you’re not remembering that scene correctly. Richard got mad when young Locke chose the knife. There were other items, including the compass, that young Locke correctly chose.

    When you say the Others believe “dead is dead”, the title of that episode is in reference to Ben (or any other Other) never seeing the Island raise people from the dead before, that doesn’t necessarily mean they do not believe in reincarnation.

  7. It’s all about assumptions, but we’ll never get the real answers.

    Why did Ben say John was special? I think he really never was. Or if he was, there’s no clear proof about it.

  8. bobt,”Richard got mad when young Locke chose the knife. ” i said the same thing. Anyway as Glaw said we’ll never get the real answers, because there are huge holes in this event of the story..
    “that doesn’t necessarily mean they do not believe in reincarnation.” you are right about that. My assumption arises from writers wanted to show Ben as a person who know lots of things about the island. Any there is not enough proof to say they believe in reincarnation.
    .. I want to say one of us is right and the other is wrong but i can not because the writers screw up with the story. What the hell, the story is about the characters, right? we must talking about why did Kate try to get laid with everyone in the island..

  9. Well said zaurakh, if you look at the show as an entire story the finalie only explains the fsw, all else is forgotten about, Locke walking, Lockes dad showing up in the brig of the boat, and numerous other crap. Just to prove im right that the writers didnt have it all worked out and were making it up on the spot, why did they film 3 diffrent enddings to season 4, with sawyer, desmond and locke all laid out in the coffin. Any 3 of those would of been mib, which i also think was an after thought doubling him up as smokey, but hey ho we will never know!

  10. @zaurakh
    but young Locke did choose the compass, and you said he didn’t choose the compass

    anyways, ya I’m definitely not saying I’m right on the reincarnation thing, just a small theory of mine..

    At one point, I thought the show was going toward reincarnation…since that theme was showing up more; such as “Canton Ranier” van that Ben used..

    But that is one of many themes that were abandoned by the writers as the Finale came to conclusion…

  11. …This is for bobt and others who is confused : “He(Richard) laid several items on a table and and asked John which already belonged to him. John picked a knife and Richard left in a hurry, saying John was not ready to join his school. (“Cabin Fever”)” reference .

    Locke died in 2007 and the young Locke existed in 1960s. So if Locke is reincarnated, he must die, then reborn and than move back in the time.. This is very unlikely.

  12. The knife DID belong to him though afterwards, when Smokey became his body. And young Locke did also draw a stickman being attacked by a scribble, which is very similar to when the Smoke Monster attacks people.

    So I don’t know why people are saying that the writers had no idea of what would be happening to the storyline.

  13. ok xactxx, so you can give present day john locke the knife and be happy with the connection but what does that actually mean in the story????

  14. @zaurakh
    I hate to beat this detail to death, but I was going purely on memory, and I’m positive I’m right about this..

    I just rewatched that scene again on DVD, and I wasn’t mistakened, young John chose first the the small container of seeds, then chose the compass, then chose the knife…then Richard leaves

    And in Lostpedia on the Cabin Fever episode page it states:
    “He lays out on the table a baseball glove, a book entitled “Book of Laws”, a small container of granules, a compass, a comic book entitled “Mystery Tales”, and a knife. John immediately claims the container of the granules and inspects and then claims the compass. John starts towards the “Book of Laws”, at which point Richard looks hopeful. Instead, he picks up the knife.”

    I checked out the Lostpedia page you referenced and it definitely says that, but it doesn’t give the full detail as to what happened in the scene like the episode page does..It seems like such a minor detail, but to me it’s very important…

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