Jack’s nosebleed?

As I’m still trying to fully embrace the finale, I have a question..
I would appreciate it if anyone could try to explain, or discuss it in some way..(AES?:)

What about Jack’s nosebleed in the final island-scene? Is there anything special to it, or is it simply an indication that Island-Jack and FSW-Jack are swapping consciousness and memories etc.

And what exactly is the significance of Jack dying in the same spot he woke up on in the Pilot episode? Does it say anything or is it just a simple wink to the Pilot episode?


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3 thoughts on “Jack’s nosebleed?

  1. Practically everyone dies on the island with a nosebleed. That he died on the same spot was poetic, not significant outside of closing a circle.

  2. stone, I was so curious I just watched the final scene again to see that… I don’t think it was anything significant though, it wasn’t really obvious; just something to show that he was in bad shape…

    That would’ve been cool though, showing his consciousness shifting to the Alt timeline; then maybe showing him in Alt timeline with nosebleed too, but I think it would have taken from the emotional moment they were trying to create in the Alt. Maybe that’s why they came up with the neck bleeding from knife cut, just to connect the 2 worlds in a way..

  3. Yeah, I kind of think Jack dying in the bamboo field was just kind of poetic. Just to show that things had come full circle maybe, that the events that Jacob had set into motion ultimately came to a good end, that Jack finally resolved all the things he himself set into motion, that the other characters maybe got to finally lead peaceful lives, and that everyone went to the Beyond together.

    I think it the entire end sequence from the church scene with Christian and Jack to Jack’s eyes closing was beautifully filmed and written and directed.

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