Any theories on what the “numbers” represent?

4 – 8 – 15 – 16 – 23 — 42

We see these numbers everywhere throughout the series, but they are never explained. These numbers are also next to the candidates’ names. What is the possible significance of these particular numbers?

4 – Locke
8 – Reyes
15 – Ford
16 – Jarrah
23 – Shephard
42 – Kwon

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9 thoughts on “Any theories on what the “numbers” represent?

  1. Wasily THE biggest unanswered question, inmy mind, krystyne20. I have some really bad news for you, though…..THERE IS NO ANSWER. The writers used this as their ‘long con’ to keep us coming back for more for 6 long seasons.

    Jacob made the reveal around the campfire and let us know that despite the fact that Kate was crossed off in the cave, “it was just a chalkline in a cave….the job was still hers if she wanted it”

    Handsdown the turning point (downward) of the series. Why bother crossing names off the list of there’s no reason to? Why are some cross-offs dead and others not? Why are the 6 remaining candidates correlating tgo the very numbers on the hatch and the lottery numbers?

    If Flocke can’t leave the island until ALL of the candidtaes are dead, why would Jacob cross any of them off??? Why not name as many as you possibly can to make it as hard as possible to kill ALL of them? Makes absolutely NO sense.

    I really expected the numbers and the candidates to play a much bigger role in the on-island resolution and we got played…hardcore…instead

  2. the whole show meant crap crap and more crap. they sold out and did make us fallow a long 6 year con. i will never watch anything they do again and there is no reason to ever go back and watch any episode ever again cause it all meant shit.

  3. They really played up the numbers in seasons 1-5, Hurley used the numbers to win the lottery and got bad luck, they were the frequency on the call for help from the french lady, they were printed on the inside of the hatch… just to name a few. I feel like this was the biggest let down of the show. Epecially considering the date of the finale, I thought the numbers would have a much bigger role.

  4. Yeah – turns out – Jacob just “had a thing for numbers”
    Being that they’re one of the biggest and oldest mysteries in Lost – I thought for sure they’d be more important than….nothing..

    And I’m with you boogah11 – why not name as many as possible.. It is evident during one of Nemesis’ and Sawyers last encounters that Nemesis had no “Jedi-Awareness” surrounding who was candidate or not, as he’s clearly surprised by Sawyers remark about them no longer being Candidates(Yet he waltzes straight up to Jack saying – “So it’s you…”another plothole – how lazy did they get in the end..?)

    No, the numbers are indeed a long-con – especially given the the final airdate.

    I thought for sure we’d get back to the numbers before the end with a proper explanation – but no….

  5. yeap boogah11 is right it was all part of the writers “Long Con” as of most of the stuff we saw on the show it was all pointless at the end!

  6. I think the numbers popping up everywhere was another plot device used by the writers to add to the mystery.

    I suppose it can be explained as a wierd coincidence, along with alot of the other happenings on the show.

  7. This franchise is fertile territory for more works of fiction. Maybe a story with new characters could reveal some of these answers. I mean this is just fiction. If we ask for answers long enough, I think we’ll get them. I would love for some good sci fi writers to get hold of this material.

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