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I would imagine it is extremely difficult for writers to fully reconcile all events contiguously or seamlessly within a show of such complexity. In terms of the number of players, multi layered storylines, scenes coordination, interpretations of theories of space, time and electromagnetism, special effects editing and so on, I think it may be more difficult to produce this type of entertainment than say, a movie, much of the time. All this capped by trying to keep the mystery from millions of people for 6 years. And there is probably a lot more to it as well. What a collaboration.
This assumption, however, will not stop me from trying to summarize Lost into a known one line saying or song title. These by no means, refer to the last episode’s content for example; the near to last scene in the Church and where you see the Losties heading into the afterlife. Nor am I implying reference to anything specific at any given time throughout the series.
I am going for the “whole enchilada” as it were!
What do you think? “Back Jack, do it again”, “All that glitters is not gold”, the classic “Burnin’ for you” and most notably “The road to Hell is paved with good intensions” to name a few.
So, on that note (pun intended) we bid a due and the best to all. Now it’s time to add my contribution and creation…”Please, don’t let that stop you”.

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Born in La Jolla, Ca July 1, 1950. Languages spoken: English, some Pig Latin, no Esperanto yet. Best movie of all time: Jaws. Worst movie of all time: 13 Ghosts. Best TV series: Max Headroom asides from Lost of course. Worst TV Series: Desparate Housewives. Beliefs: We are here for a reason. Elvis is alive and living somewhere near Vegas.

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