When Ben moved the island, it got him to Tunesia. He didn’t put it on it’s catch, so the losties bounced through time.

When Locke turned the wheel, he put it on it’s catch and time remained stable.

Did he move the island again, too?

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3 thoughts on “FDW

  1. waycurious,
    great question..I believe the answer is definitely YES. The short explanation is; to move the island also means to shift time on the island. Which also means, everytime time shifted during those time-skipping events in Season 5, the island moved also. If you were traveling to the island just off shore, outside the “radius” (as Daniel explained), and the island time did a skip, you would witness a similar Island dissapearance that the Losties saw from the helicopter..

    I think when Locke set back the wheel, it did create a final time jump, the one to the 1970s.. therefore, the island moved..

  2. If the Island moved through time at that point then should have moved in space as well. It appears the writers tried to apply a theoretical physics principle to the storyline, which says space and time are the same. eg space-time.

  3. Yes I agree with the idea that the Island moved in space (as it did in time) when Locke turned the wheel. In addition, I think everytime there was a timeflash (as Locke, Sawyer, Miles, etc were flashing through time), the Island moved in space.

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