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Hey Everyone,

I have been working on a website lately for people to read and write their own “Alternate Lost Endings”. Basically it’s a Fan Fiction site with a difference, in that it’s mainly for writing your own end to Lost. This could be either the whole of season 6, or just the last ten minutes of The End. You could also write something Post Season 6, like Ben and Hurley’s adventures on the island, or what happened to Kate and Claire when they landed etc.

I know this may not be for everyone, but I thought if the site gets some Fan Fiction on there then you may be interested in reading it.

The site is at

PS. Thanks to all who are still participating here, you’re all fab x

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7 thoughts on “New website you might be interested in

  1. I registered this morning all excited to start typing up something…..It’s so much tougher than you might think to write something proper, that doesn’t sound incredibly insane or ridiculous. It really demands the creative juices.

  2. I gave it a try – it’s fun, definitely worthwhile. To those who stumble across my post, sorry about the typos. Late night typing….

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