Question about Locke/MIB in the finale

In the finale, does anybody know that when Desmond took out the stone thing from the electromagnetism powered hole, did that make Locke/MIB weak, or did it make him human?

I ask this because in the finale, he didn’t change into the Smoke Monster that could have potentially made a better ending, and also would have changed the fight between Jack and Locke/MIB, which made me think he became human and was no-longer the MIB that was the Smoke Monster.

Does anybody know the answer to this?

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One thought on “Question about Locke/MIB in the finale

  1. I don’t think Smokie could kill a candidate – and if I were Jack, that sure woulda’ been a rule I’da made.

    Also, Smokie manifestation may have required the light (I’m still workin’ w/the light visible representation of electromagnetism, whose strength was weakend by the influx of water).

    Whether MIB was ‘human’ vs. in human form with all it’s physical limitations is debateable, but I lean towards that physical state is what allowed him to die – he seemed pretty danged strong, so not weakened.

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