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Most if not everyone would agree a large number of questions were not answered by THE End. My main confusion stems from the idea that the question is simple. Why couldn’t all or most of answers be made available in straight forward fashion? It is that difficult to provide simple answers such as; MIB’s real name was Jack too; The Island was actually Neverland and Mother was Peter Pan and the rest of the cast was the Lost Boys (and Girls); Jacob extorted the Lottery Corporation and made sure Hurley won, then manipulated the Dharma I into using these same numbers for their purposes because as a group they seemed rather uncreative; The Smoke Monster was actually worked as the Cookie Monster from 9 to 5 because he had a wife and little fires to take care of. And the ultimate secret….(drum roll please) LOST spells TSOL backwards. Thoroughly Sweet Out of Luck.
I jest (maybe).

Thanks for your patience and time. See you at the new site.
D. Wolfe

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