Does anybody know if there was something special about Vincent, or if he was significant?

I have watched the first episode after the finale, and noticed that when Jack is lying in the bamboo forest after the crash, Vincent finds him but soon runs off.
In the finale, before Jack dies, Vincent finds him and stays with him until he dies.

I was wondering if this was a direct relation to episode one and if it meant something. Last time Vincent ran off, and Jack was not about to die. But in the finale, when Jack was about to die Vincent didn’t run off.

Was there anything in Lost that showed Vincent was special or anything?

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  1. i believe that the last scene was written in order to sadden us and create an irony by ending the show with the same scene of beginning.
    “Was there anything in Lost that showed Vincent was special or anything?” i don’t know but in the first episode, Vincent secretly observed Jack,Kate and Charlie while they were on their way to the cockpit to get the transmitter and after the blacksmoke attacked them. This was interesting for me for the time that i believe in “every scene has a meaning” thing.
    Some people believed Vincent was blacksmoke for some reasons that i don’t remember. There was a theory about it.
    Anyway, i would like to see him near the Church or with Ben in the end..maybe writers forgot him too..

  2. In the spin off series (I keep saying that) we’ll find out the statue was built to honor Lassie. I kid. It had been theorized the atatue was built after natives or Others saw him appear and disappear while he was time travelling in season 5.

  3. I remember reading, or seeing a video(durning season 2 I think), with the whole, “LOST Experience” campaign, that Golden Retrievers had an special place in the world, helping people and somehow were part of an experiment in “Life Extention” or something like that. Maybe Golden Retrievers have a special abitity to help see people over to the “afterlife” or “purgatory” which in turn is the longevity of “being”. Maybe Vincent was there, with Jack, to make sure he went to the correct afterdeath world. Just a thought.

  4. LOST is full of poetic irony… Vincent is the first and last thing that Jack sees on the Island… In the flash sideways timeline, Desmond meets penny in the same stadium where he said goodbye to her in the original timeline… The first time Daniel sees Charlotte in the FST, she is eating a chocolate bar; in the orig timeline, the last time Faraday ever sees her, she is eating a chocolate bar.

    Overall, the writing of the show is spectacular, and you have to watch it all the way through a few times to genuinely appreciate it.

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