Writers Playing With Our Heads

I just finally rewatched the finale.  It took a couple of weeks to get over the disappointment of having almost no questions answered.  I noticed that when Desmond goes into the light cave, he sees two skeletons and they take time to pause the camera on each of them.

I think this is a slap in the face from the writers.  One of the only mysteries they answered this season was where did the “Adam and Eve” skeletons come from.  We’ve been wondering that since season 1.  No sooner do they answer that question and they introduce exactly two more skeletons for us to wonder about.

It’s bad enough that didn’t answer any questions, but it seems they were actually rubbing it in.

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19 thoughts on “Writers Playing With Our Heads

  1. haha right on! Never thought of it that way.. I’m actually developing a small theory to the origins of the skeletons, it’ll be a stretch for sure because not much to go on… But I’m wondering, it actually is 3 skeletons, correct? There was one by itself, and then 2 that were next to each other..I’m not positive though, I’ve got to watch that scene again..

  2. I’m not sure if it was 2 or 3. There were 2 camera shots. If there were 2 skeletons in one of the shots, then there would be 3 total. I thought there was just 1 in each shot.

  3. Absolutely they were rubbing it in. They introduced all sorts of stuff they knew they would answer. I really think that was their point. Like when Richard tells some of our Losties. “we don’t have time for that now” when asked where he was and how did he just pop out of the woods. The outrigger that was shooting at things.
    But to be fair, once they decided to end it the way they did, it turns out those things had no meaning to the this story.
    It doesn’t mean they don’t have meaning to other stories in the Lost Universe though.

  4. I can see why people would think that they were rubbing it in, but I don’t think that is true. What I believe the three skeletons represent; are the three creators of the stone carrot and light source. (that stone carrot plug didn’t create itself) After creating this source they became trapped within the source… Probably becoming three very bitter evil souls who only want a way out! A way home!

    So, the three skeletons are the remains of the three original heads, or the three original souls that form Smokey aka Cerberus.

  5. @elsewhere
    cool! I love what you said that the very creators were trapped at bottom and became the skeletons..That would have been a cool story if they worked that into Lost..You should use that as a basis for an alternate Lost ending and post that on the alternate Lost endings site…

  6. bobt, I’m actually happy with what we got regarding the history of the island. And, I think the creation of the source would fall under the category of a prequel. IMO some prequels are just better left untold.

    ilie, lol!

  7. @elsewhere true true.. didn’t think about that, Lost is all over this place with timeline..We got “the Beginning” (aka Across the Sea) just a couple episodes before “The End”

    @ilie.. haha awesome! I can see the true story of Lost here; the true creators of Lost actually were 3 brilliant guys(probably on this site) who came up with the first 5 Seasons and a never scene never produced incredible 6th season which connected every detail we were introduced to in Lost. They were just interns working for JJ… Then JJ and ABC took it over in Season 6, because of some corporate decision.. The 3 guys so saddened by this, went off to some unknown Pacific Island, found a deep cave with a waterfall in it, and jumped in it committing suicide. THE END (my version of THE END).

    PS..I said “guys”, not that gals can’t come up with a brilliant story, but because couldn’t imagine gals jumpin in cave and committing suicide, too sad and horrible 🙂

  8. ilie, perhaps it indeed was a metaphor for the writers of the show and how they dug themselves into a huge whole they couldn’t get out of?

  9. the only questions that got answered was the people in the show and there origins not any infact to what the island is just more questions to what it could be, lazy writing!

  10. @ eluwan.. Good grief – these writers gave us 6 seasons of one of the most intricate, bizarre, complicated stories on television. Lazy writing.. I think not.

  11. @elsewere – the new website also allows for stories that continue off of the current ending, so there’s something there for everyone. It’s worth checking out (I’m also saying that because I posted something recently, and am hoping to get some feedback – outside of the multitude of typos I made due to the late night writing, that is….)

  12. Thanks Clairespeanutbutter… But, I think I’ll leave the creative writing up to those who actually have some writing ability… I’m not very good at it! But, I will check out your post as soon as I can and provide you with some feedback. And, don’t worry yourself about typos. It happens!

  13. I’ve got to give a plug here for ClairePB’s post on Alternate Theories site..incredible! And it doesn’t conflict with THE END, actually adds to it..actually makes me appreciate THE END more..

  14. @elsewhere, very nice stuff! I think if the writers HAD answered it all, we’d have nothing left to debate and think about so I’m actually happy they didn’t give us all the answers.

  15. Inquisitor… Sadly, it appears that you and I are part of the minority who feel this way!

    CPB… I haven’t registered on the alternate ending site yet, but great post! You got talent! 🙂

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