why walt is special..

here is a theory about walt…
i believe walt was a succesor to MIB…three people were called special…one was MIB as child who eventually became MIB..the other is John LOcke, who also became MIB, and lastly walt. all three were very curious.MIB wanted to find the source and the islands magical properties…John Locke, although he was a man of faith he was also curious and always trying to explore the islands magical mysteries. walt was also a very curious boy, he was running around with vincent, he wanted to follow LOcke all the time, he even learn how to throw knives and he was very good at backgammon even though he didnt learn the game until he crashed on the island…what a coincidence that locke tought him the game…and what a coinsidence that MIB as a child found a board game and knew the rules by instict..
besides that walt appeared to shannon , this led to her death. also he was typing to michael in the SWAN which led to the death of anna lucia and libby. in his flash back walt was reading about a bird and suddently a bird crashed on the window and died…moreover on the island walt was looking at the comic book a picture of a pollar bear and a pollar bear attacked the losties and died..
i believe the others knew about that ( maybe jacob informed them) and thats why they kidnap him so they can run tests (probably similar to the ones sayid had) to determine whether he was a hazaard for the island.. thats why i think they let walt and michael go so easily..they wanted him off the island so he couldnt become MIB
any thoughts???

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