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Hey Everyone,

This is just a general question about whether or not I should create a site for another show now that Lost is over. Would anyone be interested if I did? What show would you like it to be about?

I know a few people mentioned that if I did a site for Fringe they’d be interested, and I love Fringe so I’d have no problem doing that, but I just wanted to get an idea of who might be interested etc.

Suggest any show… I may create a site that is a combination of shows. I just want to get an idea before I go ahead and do something 🙂

Also, Alternate Lost Endings has a few posts up now so be sure to check them out if you like Lost Fan Fiction.

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  1. I want to say what you did and still doing in here is great. And the people in this site make this site even greater. I support the idea of “a site that is a combination of shows”. Because there is no show now that people theorizing about as Lost. A poll on the site can give you the answer that you are looking for.. (like the end of Lost did 😉 nah, just kidding)…

  2. There is really nothing else on the air that I watch faithfully like I have done with Lost. But, out of anything on the air I’d probably vote for Fringe even though I’ve missed a bit of it…

    Did anyone watch the first episode of Persons Unknown? I heard that it was being compared to Lost, meets The Prisoner, meets Big Brother… But, I missed it. If it is anything like Lost then maybe it will be a good show for theories… That’s if it lasts! Not much has been making it past a season or two these days!

  3. I think Fringe is a good idea. I love that show.

    I also agree with Elswhere that “Persons Unknown” might be a good site as well. I also missed the first episode, but am going to watch it online this weekend.

    There’s also another show that I’m anticipating. It’s called “Rubicon” and it starts on August 8 on AMC. The premise of show is that an analyst at a national think tank discovers that his employers may be part of a secret society that manipulates world events. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

  4. I totally agree with the idea of creating a site to discuss some shows. Despite being an awesome show (I’m very addicted to it), I think it hasn’t enough mysteries or weird things to fulfill one site by itself. The mysteries presented are well explained in the followed episodes.
    I suggest the following shows:

    – Fringe (of course)
    – FlashForward (we can’t let end this show)
    – Jericho (I know it ended long ago but I think we can’t forget this amazing show)
    – (and why not discuss about old shows, like “The prisoner”, “Twin Peaks”… )

    I know this aren’t great suggestions but if everybody comes with some new ideas you’ll be able to create a great site.

    I’m looking forward for the new site and emzi… thanks for having created this site.

  5. AnnaCee — I love Supernatural too. I think it’s ironic that “Jacob” is “Lucifer” on Supernatural. And, don’t forget that “MIB” was also in Supernatural as one one of the horseman of the apocalypse – he was “War”.

  6. I didn’t realize that Persons Unknown is a 13 episode mini-series. I thought it was scheduled as a regular series. So……. nevermind! Probably not worth setting up a new site for only 13 episodes.

  7. I am reading that Flashforward has been cancelled which would have been my first recommendation for this forum. If this news is true then the show ‘V’ would be my next choice.

  8. Umm… Let’s not forget Futurama! Comedy Central’s launch of new episodes is on June 24th. Totally just kidding about the theory/discussion website for Futurama. I just wanted to show my excitement for this show coming back. I always hoped someone would revive this show.

  9. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the input 🙂

    Alot of you have mentioned shows that I love too so I’m heading towards creating a site for multiple shows.

    Do you like the format of this site, or would a typical forum format be more suited?

    I did set up a FF website a while ago before it got cancelled, so I haven’t really done anything with it since, but that has a typical forum format to it if you want to see what I mean.

    There are no plans to leave this open as I will have FF on the new site.

    Thanks again for your input so far – you’re the best! 🙂

  10. I think doing a site with multible shows on is a fantastic idea, you could set it out basically like this one but instead of theories, questions, general chat etc you could have current shows, cancelled shows, shows you want bringing back, shows everyone must see etc and you could branch each one out giving each show seperate thread starters, you could also keep the recent posts section so if people are following more than one show like I would be it would show the most recent posts across the whole site. I must say I am a member of a lot of forums and this is proberly the best set out one it is so easy to use

  11. Hello…great idea Emzi!

    Im all in on a Fringe or multiple show site.

    I fear the same thing as others in one show not being able to produce the same amount of fans or time to one particular show again, especially those disappointed in LOST…it may be a bit much right now.

    I registered for “Alternate-Lost” the first day, but havent been on yet, taking a breath for a few days.

    I really think going to a “multiple” site could work very well. I like the idea of doing different things.
    One thought is on shows that were actually cancelled altogether, such as Flash-Forward or Heroes even.
    We could actually write “non-rushed” conclusions, or even a full conclusion to something like Heroes, which to date has no end in site…although I would prefer starting where season one ended…if anyone watched the show they understand.

    Fringe could be really good to discuss, Im about a half season behind and think that its a great show that possibly has not even begun to peak…IF they stay focused on the characters. Great show.

    Ive been kind of boycotting TV since Lost ended…Im just pretty much disappointed with everything that isnt a comedy (which btw…maybe we could have a small section for things such as The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family, things like that)…

    I know, Im killing you…sorry, but you spoiled my interest in other chats and blogs about shows due to my liking of the setup and ease of this particular site…

    Im going back to a regular TV cycle starting Sunday at 9pm when the third season of TrueBlood premiers…another great show, but can be easily spoiled because of the books…

    Anyway, whatever you create will be great Emzi, looking forward to the next chapter!

    Thanks again for this and the future site(s)!

  12. Here’s a couple out of the box suggestions… When “The Event” arrives on NBC this fall, it may spark some conversation and theorizing amongst fans. Also, J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield sequel comes out next year. I know that immediately after the release of the first movie, there was a lot of theorizing on the internetz. The sequel will surely revive the imaginations of Cloverfield fans as I’m sure this won’t be the last installment of the Cloverfield saga.

  13. Hi Guys-
    I missed everyone’s theories, and popped in for a visit.. I agree a combo site would be awesome. Fringe has been getting quite interesting the season finale was pretty good. I just finished watching the first episode of Persons Unknown, I thought it was pretty interesting. I also watch Flash Forward (sucks it got canceled) and V… Even all the comedies that A.E.S. mentioned, well most of them. Another site is an amazing idea.

    I also thought it was pretty cool that MIB and Jacob were on supernatural together. (I still haven’t finished watching the series finale for supernatural, yet..)

    Do any of you guys watch True Blood? (I’ve read the first nine books, it’s pretty interesting how they differ from the show.) Or the Vampire Diaries??

    Hope all is well,

  14. Hi Sin…
    Trueblood is the best show on TV in my opinion now that Lost is over, a different genre altogether, but still the best now in my opinion.

    I mentioned it above, the bad part is that it can be spoiled because its based on the books that are already written…but I would LOVE to have a discussion after the episodes air spoiler free!

    I have been trying to recruit people to watch it for the last year. I started watching late in the first season and was hooked…
    I wasnt a huge Marianne fan last season, but season one with Rene (one of my favorite characters) was phenomenal, and I did love the second one as well, Mary Anns character just became slightly cheesy…but what isnt with that show!?!

    My other favorite people on True Blood are Eric, Lafayette, and more recently Jessica pushed her way to the top.

    If you have access to “On Demand” through cable or satellite (probably online too), there are mobisodes for each character…not very informative, but examples of the show at its best…watch Erics and Jessicas first if you get a chance…

    SO glad you like that show!

  15. Hey A.E.S.-

    I’ve read all of the true blood books, with the except of the new one. There are A LOT of differences, so there is still lots of surprises…

    For example… Jessica isn’t in the books, and the Maryann story was MUCH MUCH smaller… Also other characters that are dead are alive on the show. Jason’s character also was NOT in the second book, and Tara doesn’t really appear until book 3.

    The books are all written from Sookie’s perspective so hence, she’s in EVERY scene.. It’s adapted, and changed well…

  16. for sure another site would be great. me personally i think this format is great. it is simple and to the point , u can come and look and discuss theories without all the typical website hooplah. u can do a site like u said and leave it open for a bunch of shows. there is no mystery behind it but breaking bad is the best show on tv hands down. fringe wold also be good. whatever u decide i will fallow your websites and may actually watch shows based on everyones opinions.

  17. I like the idea of a general theory site for various shows, at the moment the only show i’ve been watching is Fringe and that seasons finished.

    I just watched the pilot episodes of ‘Persons unknown’ and ‘Rubicon’ both shows that are taking the lost style mystery route, and theres an NBC show starting soon called ‘the event’ which might also be worthy. We can get on them early, and its a good way for us to create a place where we can all ‘move on’ together (you see what i did there?)

    Lets hope these shows are decent, and don’t get cancelled early like flash forward. Lets also hope that the networks have learned from the reactions to Losts finale. If you make a site dedicated to multiple shows, at least if one gets cancelled or goes downhill, you haven’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  18. Forgot to mention, there is also a new JJ Abrams spy show in the works.
    I wasn’t a fan of Alias so i might not bother with that one myself.

  19. Hey everyone,

    The new site is now up and running:

    I decided to do it in a traditional forum style because it would be complicated creating it in wordpress because of the amount of categories there are.

    Any feedback you have on this, the look, the layout etc, will be appreciated.

    Hope you enjoy x

  20. Hey Emzi-
    I tried 2 send a message on fb and couldn’t so i thought if i sent a friend request i could send u a msg, and that didn’t work either… I can’t log into the new site… 🙁 it makes me sad… Here’s my email

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