The Source-Cork

In reading Lostpedia’s article on “The Source”/”Heart of the Island”, I see that it was noticed that a cuneiform script writing is found on the stone cork as well as the surrounding infrastructure. The cuneiform script in question was used by various civilizations throughout time, ranging from about 5000BCE – 1000BCE.

This is a very interesting revelation as it goes to prove what I’ve been thinking and trying to say in different ways over recent weeks in regards to all the loose ends the writers have left us with.

Surely it seemed like a huge plot-hole to place Jacob and MIB’s origins in 43AD when we’ve already seen Egyptian heiroglyphics throughout the series scattered about the Island. I felt somewhat confused or bothered by such a misstep, but I didn’t let it bother me. Learning about the cuneiform writing on the cork gives me renewed faith about the whole thing because it points to the everlasting nature of the Island. There are people there, there were people there, and there have always been people there. As long as man has walked the Earth, he has sought the Island. Jacob wasn’t the first protector. Mother wasn’t either. Hugo wasn’t the last. The story we were shown was about the people on the Island, and in a detailed sense the Island itself, but I think the Island is the constant in this story. The people, everyone of them, are the variables. The Island remains and is constant.

This is why we see skeletons in the Source Chamber as well. It’s not a slap in the face, as other posts on this site claim. It’s a testament to the fact that the Island will not and can not be summed up in a story, at least the story that is being told. The Island has always been there and there have been countless numbers of people finding it and dying on it.

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Started watching Lost in September 2009; finished Seasons 1-5 in 20 days.. my wife was not thrilled during this time. I am a believer in John Locke and that he may somehow still play a key (and good) role on the island.

3 thoughts on “The Source-Cork

  1. Great thoughts.
    I totally agree with you. I also think that this wasn’t the first time that someone uncork the source of light. Maybe the skeletons are the remains of people who have done the same as Jack did (re-corking the hole and dying in the task).
    It’s also pretty clear that humans from all the historic eras had walk end live on the island.

  2. “The people, everyone of them, are the variables. The Island remains and is constant.” well said Inquisitor..

    Ya I was also kind of confused about when people were on the island, and still am..That doesn’t take away from the story though, it’s a cool mystery left unverified that we can guess at. Even without the cuneiform script, it’s got to be true that people were on the island before Mother’s time, simply because the corked pool is obviously man-made (unless no cork pool when MIB fell in, unlikely..) And there had to be people after Mother and MIB died because the FDW was constructed. What’s really interesting is that there is also cuneiform on that column in the the FDW chamber, which means Egyptians were there afterward too.. Also 4 toe statue, definitely Egyptian, and that wasn’t built until after Mother (I’m assuming because we didn’t see).. I’m coming up with a very cool unique theory as I’m writing this; the Egyptians could have came after Mother and helped MIB build the FDW.. Egyptians “moved” the Island which also sent them back in time, then they could have been the ones to build the corked pool, in the past,,before they even originally came to island! Thanks again for your thoughts on this..

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