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For those of you who have seen my posts/comments, you should know I’m a finale-defender and try to see the positive in all the show had to offer. However, I have agreed with many of you that there were several loose-ends and plot-holes. I for one believe there is no requirement set on the writers to sew-up every detail, though consistency throughout the story is a good thing. With that said, my post-Lost mission is to analyze the story and route-out various connections and methods perhaps missed upon first view, to see if there are answers already within the story to explain certain uncertainties. Now to my question!!..

Desmond spoke to Eloise Hawking several times in time-flashing and consciousness-flashing. Eloise seemed to have foreknowledge in 1996 and was also conscious of her real life in the flash-sideways purgatory. In a way, she seems to have the same abilities as Desmond but more advanced and honed. Question is.. how did Eloise acquire these abilities?

**PLEASE** Only serious thoughts on the issue and no “there is no answer cuz Lost sucks” comments, please. Thank you!

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Started watching Lost in September 2009; finished Seasons 1-5 in 20 days.. my wife was not thrilled during this time. I am a believer in John Locke and that he may somehow still play a key (and good) role on the island.

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  1. Inquisitor,
    good to see you back here! I’m always checking in for fresh posts..
    I’m thinking she became “aware” of things sometime during Daniel’s research. We’ve been sort of led to believe that Daniel’s research came to an end because of Theresa Spencer’s condition and Daniel’s loss of memory. But Widmore himself was driving the research; what if there were many more Theresa Spencer type patients furthered by Widmore’s company research, and through them obtained knowledge of future? That’s just an example of what could have happened..
    It’s a cool mystery, and it’s OK with me that Lost didn’t answer this question entirely. I think the writers did a great job simply by having her name being Eloise and Daniel naming his mouse Eloise.. Both Eloises were given knowledge obtained from the future, and using that knowledge they could solve the puzzle before them. The problem with Eloise the person is, she must also persuade people to solve the puzzle the way she knows how..

  2. Perhaps Eloise had some sort of enlightening experience when she realized that she had shot her time travelling son, or a bit later? Before that she didn’t seem to know more than anyone else about the future, realities and stuff.

  3. @ilie
    yes definitely..I’m sure she changed her priorities in life right after that event. She probably had Daniel all by herself.. She definitely knew it was important to raise Daniel to be a scientist. So at that point in her life, she had knowledge..but maybe not the Desmond-you-can’t-buy-the-ring kind of knowledge..

  4. Eloise was profoundly affected by murdering her son and a strong believer of ‘whatever happened happened’ and that the universe course corrects. Furthermore, she knew about the guy with the shoes.

    That all said, this is my ‘theory’ on the matter.

    I believe that at some point she became ‘aware’ like Desmond was. I also believe she (and he and his journal) were in a loop. (Desmond is my constant. Things there way advanced.) She may have kept a similar journal herself.

    Daniel was a scientist to start. Perhaps she raised him to be the musician – but the universe course corrected and he became a scientist. Indeed, every time she tried to fix it, “it always ends the same,” but there was always progress (until he blew his brain w/his time travel oscillations.)

    From there, we get kind of chicken/eggy and my brain starts to hurt. I hope I made it clear.

  5. Thanks for the replies, you guys! It’s good to be back on the site and having some good debate on the issues.

    I tend to agree with waycurious, in that Eloise became what Desmond did through some similar fail-safe key experience. I think the fact that she had Daniel’s journal, filled with electromagentic, DHARMA, and Island info, helped her to find some place like the Source or the FDW chamber, and she ended up like Desmond, over “time” learning how to control it better and better.

  6. Eloise was a ‘ghost’ when she saw Desmond in the 80s – and perhaps Desmond was one, too … since he showed up nakie in the jungle …

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