September 2010 Theory Contest

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first theory contest! Let’s see how this goes 🙂

So, as it’s September, I thought it would be a good idea to have this months contest be about The Pilot. It’s been nearly 6 whole years since The Pilot and I don’t think we ever got a reasonable answer as to why the pilot of Oceanic 815 was killed by the monster.

Was he a candidate? Was “Smokey” expecting it to be Frank? Was “Smokey” just in a bad mood that day?

Post your theories in the normal way but please make a note in the title or the post itself that it’s a contest entry, and then post a link to it in the comments section of this post 🙂

Have fun! I’m going to enjoy reading your theories!

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8 thoughts on “September 2010 Theory Contest

  1. Hey Everybody,
    before writing my theory, I tried thinking of what made the pilot unique compared to other survivors..i figured it would be a good way to come up with a theory…If anybody has anymore, feel free to list them here too..I’m interested..Here’s mine:

    He needs to be rescued.
    He’s not a candidate.
    He knows about the radio transmission.
    He’s the lone survivor in the forward portion.
    He looked into the eyes of the monster.
    He’s a pilot.

  2. Hi Admin,

    i wanted to suggest if possible for the next theory contest could you go with ‘the cabin’.
    I’d like to know peoples thoughts on that.

  3. Hey Emzi,
    September is almost over…
    Wondering on the voting protocol.
    Should we vote by commenting here, on this post? Or vote by commenting on the individual theory posts?

    And just for clarification, we can only vote somebody else’s right? I wasn’t planning on voting on mine :), I’m liking other people’s theories better than mine (kinda tight between AES and ClairePB for me)

    One other clarification, we can only write one? Or do we have a chance to submit more than one?

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