October 2010 Theory Contest

Hey everyone! Here is the subject for this months theory contest. As it’s the month of Halloween I thought I’d come up with a subject that is kinda “spooky” (at least it seemed that way when we were first introduced to it!). Yup, I’m talking about “The Cabin”. (This was also suggested by shephards_flocke last month) 🙂

So, basically, explain the whole story behind the cabin. Who was there the first time Locke and Ben went there? Why/how does it move? Who’s eye did Hurley see? What’s with the ash ring? Is it protecting the outside or inside etc. etc. Loads of things happened with this cabin but when trying to fit the pieces together with what we know about Jacob and MIB, it just doesn’t all add up.

So you have to come up with a theory that explains most of its mystery and tie it all together.

– Enjoy! xx

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4 thoughts on “October 2010 Theory Contest

  1. Nice one Emzi!

    this is perfect for halloween.
    I’m cynical about the cabin having any logic behind it other than another ploy to rope the audience in and question who/what Jacob was (i’m no fun), but it will be interesting to read others conclusions.

    Its probably the only thing on the show i couldn’t explain rationally.

  2. Hi bobt – yeah that’s fine 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your theories 🙂 And I forgot to thank you for including a link to my site in your latest “Another Life” part on altlostendings. Now I know what you meant hehe 🙂

    shephards_flocke – yeah The Cabin has always been something that makes my mind go round in circles, so I’m looking forward to reading people’s theories too. Hopefully we can make sense of it afterall hehe

  3. ooohhhh…that IS a good Halloween Topic…

    Shep…I think like the pilots death, it was definitely another “???” scene for the audience to ponder…a red herring if you will…

    Good call on its rationality…I really dont think its meant to be rational…or does everything happen for a reason…damn writers…

    Good topic Emzi…cant wait to sink my teeth in…

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