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Ok so I have just finished watching the entire show again (my girlfriend wanted to watch it, and of course I’m willing to re-watch it in fact I would do it again right now.)

But that’s not the point of this post. As I re-watched I had a lot of questions answered, and by the finale I really didn’t have any gnawing questions. I assume this is because of watching it straight through, and not having those big lulls to sit here and read and post theories, the only question I had was this.

Where the fuck did they get all that tarp from, I’m serious every person had a good amount of tarp, and there was tarp to make stretchers and water collectors and all other types of things. I don’t know about most of you but I don’t travel with a suitcase full of tarp, and I don’t thinks planes have much tarp in them. It really confused me with all the extra tarp, did they just have extra piles of it? Because when the tailies come they hook all of them up with tarp, and then jack has more to give to juliet, can someone please explain where this tarp may have come from? Am I just ignorant to the fact that airplanes have an emergency stash of tarp? thanks

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6 thoughts on “Serious question

  1. I’ve been rewatching the entire series as well and had the same exact thought.
    My guess is that tarp would be in the cargo area to cover things or something. But I really have no idea either.

  2. man if that’s the only question you have nagging you, you’re doing OK 🙂
    I’m more than willing to let them off the hook for that mystery…
    I really don’t have any explanation; since you brought it up, when I eventually rewatch it (probably starting soon), my eye will be looking out for how outrageous it is…

  3. lol I have other questions the same as everyone else did throughout the show, but I tried to watch it with an open mind, and watching them back to back kind of helped eliminate questions, but you make a point cookies galore they might have used some for cargo but it is a bit excessive.

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