Anyone see “House” this week?

So there I was, settling in to watch my second favorite TV show–House–the other night. It starts out with an old fashioned 18th century ship in a storm on the sea. What? This isn’t Princeton, New Jersey! Cut to the inside of the hull, where overcrowded slaves are in chains moaning and groaning and getting seasick. (The Black Rock, anyone?) The evil captain comes down and drags one of them above to be thrown overboard, as he frantically says good-bye to his son. After this, a flash of light and a “whooshing” sound bring the scene to a calm sea in 2010 where a family is vacationing on their cabin cruiser (which is very reminiscent of Desmond’s and Penny’s boat, “Our Mutual Friend.”) Add this to the recent addition of Cynthia Watros to the cast of House, and I wondered if this episode wasn’t a nod to Lost. So did anyone else catch it?

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3 thoughts on “Anyone see “House” this week?

  1. very cool, I’ll definitely check out that episode..I don’t frequently watch House, but it’s a superb show…All the details you mentioned, and the fact Libby’s on the show, I’m sure it’s more than coincidence; especially a “swoosh” sound, I’ll be listening for that!

    I’m always looking through “Lost” colored glasses when I watch movies+shows…I thought it was really ironic the movie Inception was centered around a flight from Sydney flying to LAX with the central character’s dead father on board in a coffin! If that’s not obvious?

    I was just watching Law and Order Los Angeles tonight, noticed dharma security man “Phil” (Patrick Fischler) was an attorney, didn’t catch anything Lostish except for the fact it was in LA..I was impressed by his acting, he can do alot more then be Phil..he was also on NBC “Chase” other night…
    Also, saw John Terry on “Brothers and Sisters”, he can’t escape being Jack’s Dad; and he was a doctor in the show, just like he was in ER too, and Lost of course..

    Can’t wait for NBC “Odd Jobs” with Terry Oquin and Michael Emerson, they are definitely going to do shoutouts to Lost…

  2. Just watched first 15 minutes of show…definitely reminiscent of Black Rock… I must say, I am so impressed with that show, the writing/acting/cinematography is superb…that in and of itself reminds me of Lost

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