We have to go back…?

Hey everyone!

Thank you to everyone who still visits, and who still contributes to the site (you know who you are). It’s been 15 months since the finale and I’m still stunned by the amount of visitors this site still gets. You rock!

I had an idea though, something to maybe get the site more active. Does anyone fancy doing a Lost re-watch?

Starting from 22nd September watching one episode a week, then coming to the site to discuss the episode, maybe figure out details we’ve missed etc. We’d have a short break between each season, and over holiday periods etc.

What do you think? Is anyone up for that? I know the finale left some people dissapointed (myself included), but everything up until that point was amazing. Even though after the finale I thought I’d never watch it again, I can’t help but miss it.

If you’re interested, leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

Namaste x

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19 thoughts on “We have to go back…?

  1. Emz! “We have to go back!!!!” Actually, I feel like I never left ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m like the whispers, and this site is like my Island..I don’t know how to move again? Maybe.. That depends how many people are willing to join us on the journey. I’ve rewatched Season 6 twice, and watched multiple episodes throughout the show.. I’m always thinking about the show that’s for sure… Another idea; I really need to go back to school; Lost University that is.. anybody else want to? I’ve got the Season 5 Blu Ray with the Lost University feature..I would definitely do it if there’s anybody else who wants to go to school with me and write about what they’ve learned.. Anybody else? Wolfx? Meat? Apostle?

  2. That does sound great but I don’t know if I can put my body or mind through that again.

    First I am curious as to how many times each of you have seen the series or epsiodes? I don’t just watch Lost, it makes me study it. It takes work, very enjoyable work.

    Ack. If you guys go ahead and watch episodes, I will definitely check back in and probably stalk your posts, contributing about as much as I did before, maybe even watch some episodes. In its heydey, this site was one of the best discussion groups I frequented. And it was the only Lost one. Good discussions, friendly people, some banter. I will admit I know nothing about Lost other than the actual episodes that appeared on abc, and the research I did when intrigued by an easter egg. What am I missing? Anything worthwhile? This is the first I have heard of Lost University. I will have to go look that up. I have never seen a podcast, or whatever the h goes on at comicon regarding Lost, nothing. Recommend something for me.

    I think this is a great idea by the way. Get the old gang back, Chief of 16, Josh, Andre.

  3. Admin – We have to go back Kate. The day Lost ended was the day the music died, as the aong goes, in this case…TV.
    I have not seen much about the shows that were to replace Lost. eg Terra Nova, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest…etc. Will keep a vigil though.
    Bob – Lost University; school is good. Got to look into the idea.

  4. @wolfx, definitely.. unfortunately as time goes by, that possibility seems to be fading.. I am really looking forward to ABC’s “The River”, check it out on their site, it looks awesome! It probably won’t be coming out until next year though..

  5. Admin – if we could watch new episodes of Lost and discuss the mysteryโ€ฆforever, one would say this condition constitutes a Lostie paradise unrivaled.

    In the words of Fox Mulder who everybody wanted to be (so I say) โ€” “I want to believe” versus Scully who most impressed us (so I say) with the words – “Mulder get real” be one of the greatest dichotomies.

    What happened there I wonder? As with Lost maybe we should forget about the last season(s).


  6. What’s this BS about the X-Files anyway (I feel like I’m taking to myself – hold on, I am). All to say, I want to go back and why can’t we? In the old days good TV series could last a decade or more. And Lost was great TV series, so what’s the deal?
    Bob – Read a little on the River. It looks interesting and in the Lost gendre.

  7. Hey guys – sorry for not replying sooner. Been quite busy lately.

    Bobt! The Lost University sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately I don’t have a blue-ray player so can’t take part – but there’s nothing to stop you guys from doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Apostle – Some of the easter eggs were intriguing. The one that always puzzles me is the one were the picture frames change when Miles is doing his ghostbuster thing. I think there were many discussions on whether it was intentional, or just a blooper… Did you see that one? Also, a Comic Con video I recommend is this one: from 2008.

    wolfx – Terra Nova was one that intrigued me when I first heard about it. I’m looking forward to that one. I’ve heard Once Upon a Time has a similar way of story telling, but how close to Lost it’ll be I’m not sure. Still, I’ll give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t think there’s been much interest in a re-watch – maybe it’s too soon. I might suggest it next year… hopefully by that time the Lost Spinoff will be in the making ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. emz! Oh man I remember watching this for the first time and being so excited about Season 5! So I just rewatched this clip, I am so excited, i just made a new discovery about this…watch the clip around 1:50, it pans to the left, and you can see a woman with red! I need to google this, maybe millions of people already discovered that, but for me i feel like I just found a Lost jewel, anybody else notice that before?! (I hope we all remember who has red hair of course, she definitely doesn’t look like a child anymore, perhaps she did some time traveling on her own?!)

  9. hey wolfx! I’m not understanding your question..I’m not referring to an episode, I’m referring to admin’s link to the Lost Comic-Con video

    If you understood that already (which you probably do), then let me clarify why I’m so excited about seeing Charlotte in that video. First of all, that clip was really just a “teaser” the writers put together, and now that we know the rest of the story of Lost, we know that clip isn’t consistent with the story. In other words, not considered canon. We know that according to the show, whatever happened-happened, that Daniel and Charlotte actually died and went on to the afterlife where they met up with other Losties, and they weren’t “stuck” on the island somehow and needed to transmit a message to the future like what video shows. I (and many others I’m sure) would have MUCH rather the show ended with a mystery like what the video clip was about..

    I believe that the way the story of Lost was created was the writers made decisions as the story went along. They would throw these complicated plot twists in, having faith they could untie the twists and come up with proper solutions in later seasons.

    So that being said, when they created this clip, I’d like to think they were showing how the show could potentially come to a close. Also, I believe the story of Charlotte was something they already had planned for awhile; the story being she lived on the Island as a child, she left after the Incident with her family, her Mother lied to her and would tell her the Island doesn’t exist, she grew up obsessed with finding the Island and became an Anthropologist in her quest of doing so; then tragically, she comes to the Island and dies there.

    So with her character biography already created ahead of time, the video clip suggests something else happening than just her tragic death. Either the writers were planning on her surviving the Island hopping flashes and made it to 1977 along with everyone else…OR, she does die; Daniel prevents/fixes Incident, which somehow changes the timeline and she DOESN’T die, but then tragically somehow she’s trapped on the Island along with Daniel Faraday and they send the video message into the future..

    It makes sense too, that the message is to continue the Dharma Initiative, because otherwise if it wasn’t continued then certain things that had to happen in order for them to be in the past and ALIVE wouldn’t happen..

    kinda cool.. by the way, today is September 22, Lost’s 7th birthday, happy bday Lost!

  10. A month away from Halloween, I can’t leave the comment count at 14 minus one on this one.
    I even had trouble posting this comment, the site froze up on me twice.
    Will be posting a theory on the Incident shortly. Don’t think it will be ground breaking though. Just more fun I hope.
    Bob – thanks for the clsrification.

  11. wolfx! I know how you feel, pushing the post button and shwshwshwshwshwshw the words vanish like the Island itself…i know it’s a php thing, not admin’s fault..
    I look forward to your next post as always..

  12. Bobt, I just read an article today where Lindolf just admitted that they were pretty much making it up as they went along. He said that when they wrote the pilot they threw in the polar bear, monster, and other things because they didn’t expect the pilot to be picked up, much less actually be a ratings hit. I read this through

  13. Achalli – Amazing their (the producers)expections were as such given the pilot episode was so captivating. I remember there there was so much water cooler discussion at work the day after, I got dehydrated!

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