We’re back!

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that the site is now back up and running after a short haitus (due to being hacked!).

The site has now been updated and is more secure. You will notice some changes in the way the “Write a Theory” page looks but everything else is pretty much the same.

Also, you can now Register to the site! It’s been so long since registration has been open (due to being hacked a long time ago) but registration is now more secure, so we can get some new Lost fans to join and hopefully join in the discussions 🙂

If you come accross any problems please let me know!

Namaste x

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50 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Greetings back Bob.
    Anyone watching Alcatraz?
    Hopefully it comes back for another season.
    As mentioned on Bob’s theory string, with JJ producing it, it certainly has the Lost ambience.

  2. Hey All, well it was a disappointing week in TV land for sure with all the cancelled shows. To answer your question Wolfx, i watched about half of Alcatraz, and the finale was I was definitely looking forward to catching up and watching next season.. but just read it was CANCELLED!

    Another favorite show of mine was The River, it had several cheezy episodes and I think the producers were trying way to hard for shock and awe, but several episodes were superb..especially the episode “Dr. Emmet Cole”, the one where they find his backpack and video recordings and watched everything that happened to him before he dissapeared…after that episode, I thought the show was on the right track..unfortunately another cancellation..

    Then probably my favorite show running Awake on NBC, I was watching every episode and was on edge…it had superb writing I thought..cancelled!

    The only decision I’m happy with is Fox keeping the new show “Touch”, great show..I’ll stick with it next season..

    I’ll certainly miss The River, I was hoping that would have been my replacement for didn’t come close as far as characters.. But it was the only show that created mystery within a natural setting, something I thought Lost did beautifully..for that element, I thought The River performed quite well…I’m hoping there will be another attempt at creating a show with that kind of theme…

  3. Bob – it appears you’re correct wrt Alcatraz…unfortunate as it is.
    Fortunately series like Touch and Awake are still in the running for the SCIFI guys.
    I would venture to say viewers do not like SCI-FI given the number of good Scfi series that have been cancelled of late.
    I think this strengthens the argument that Lost will return at some point. IT bridged the gap between the TV viewer groups.
    And thanks to Admin for letting us debate these ideas and rebuilding this site 🙂

    Admin –

  4. Hey everyone – glad to see you 🙂

    bobt – I have been a bit dissapointed with Alcatraz but I’ll still watch it to see how the finale plays out. I think I went in with a different idea of what it’d be like so my expectations were a little high 🙂

    I never did get round to watching The River, but I’d like to see it at some point, even if it has been cancelled.

    Awake started here last week but if it’s been cancelled then I might not even watch it. It did look good though.

    I like Touch – I’m glad that’s been picked up for another season.

    wolfx – Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead have both been picked up for another season 🙂 This makes me happy as they’re both my favourites at the moment.

    I’ve setup a forum for Once Upon A Time if anyone is interested (you may recognize the layout) 🙂

    One of my other favourites has been picked up for another season too – Fringe! This was surprising as last year there was talk about it not even being picked up for Season 4! It is the final season though and a shortened one – but as long as it ends in a good way I’ll be happy.

  5. admin – good news indeed reference all the series mentioned coming back next season.
    Moviewise it looks like Star Trek 2 is a whole year away from being released. Hoping this is a good things come to those who wait type of situation.

  6. Apparently, the 80’s series Dallas is returning in the Summer ’12. Now, I was around during the initial airings of this series. I have to admit it was/is one of my favorites. It was THE original prime time soap of the contiguous episodes format style. IE it was a prototype. I am looking forward to seeing the old gang again.
    I reiterate (past entries), never lose hope Lost will be back even if it takes 21 years. And if need be, I intend to be a carrier of the torch here till then (if admin allows..ha..ha).
    Perhaps we can find that Donkey Wheel and get back those 42 years when we arrive 🙂

  7. 3/23 It’s already been two years since the Lost finale.. Can’t let go! Appreciate all the fans who are still sticking around for discussion…there will never be another show like it!

  8. What is up everybody? I still check in and read what you guys are writing about. I am glad the site is back after the hack.

    I am pissed Alcatraz got pulled, I was into that. I got into Terra Nova based upon a recommendation here. Can’t get into Awake or Touch too much.

    I did have an idea of something that happened to me when I was in the Navy and I think it is similar to some ideas of Lost. I’d like to write about it.

  9. The Apostle – Ref Alcatraz; I too liked the show. I saw at least one site discussing theories regarding the prisoners/gusrds time jump, etc. The series was similar (not as intricate maybe because it did have the time to evolve) to Lost in many ways.
    Ref your navy experience and idea. I say go for it!

  10. It’s just a post about an observation/connection I made is all. Not a story or anything, I’ll leave the creative part up to bobt.

  11. The Apostle – Maybe tell your story to Bobt and he can write it up. What do you think Bobt?
    I think he had a number of people reading his previous creations.
    As well, I think there’s gotta to be way more Lost theories and extensions that exist within this community. Got a couple myself I intend to put out when time permits.

  12. Watched the Touch finale last night, or most of – got tired and recorded the rest.
    It was very interesting. I think the main element of the paranormal it addresses is Synchronicity or the theory of 6 degrees of Separation, like Lost. The episode was based on Harley Davidson motorcylces (among other things) washing up on the shores of British Columbia, Canada or episode specically, California. Items which originated in Japan before the earthquake/ tsunami last year.
    There’s gotta to be an island in this where guy named Jacob hangs out. Besides MIB appeared the the second half of the episode.

  13. @wolfx, so sorry I haven’t responded..really appreciate all your comments..I hang out in this place probably once a day, hoping for a Lost Theory reunion of sorts..I hope Emzi can get the user identifier working on the bottom, it only says anonymous users online, not their names (I’m assuming not working because I don’t see my name there when I’m logged in).. I watched only the second half of Touch Finale, I love that show.. and it was soooo ironic MIB rebuilds the church building, and realizes the importance of the numbers he won the lottery is geometrically related to the building, and his destiny… church, numbers, destiny? is MIB going to realize he’s dead in afterlife and be ready to move on? OK that would be repeated sucky ending, but I digress..

    @apostle, concerning your ideas about Lost Navy story; what about a story about a submarine carrying a nuclear warhead, the captain is ordered to fire the warhead at a nation, but he refuses to do so and surfaces the sub at a mysterious tropical Island and does his best to remain hidden from the US military… actually it is a REAL show coming out this fall on ABC..

    The Island looks very Lostish, but unlike Lost it is a known and habited Island..looks like a cool show

  14. Interesting point Bob, now i ask; if MIB were to move on, would he go to Heaven or Hell? Would he end up in the same batch as the Person of interest guy? And where do you think Ben would go?
    Last question; now that Jorge has been laid off due to Alcatraz being cancelled, does this mean he would be available for a Lost spinoff?

  15. Good question wolfx.. I’m going to take your question (about MIB going to heaven or hell) more seriously than perhaps you anticipated.. In the world of Lost, there really isn’t a heaven or hell, just a moving on of the soul or a soul still Lost.. and especially those who died on the Island, the souls would still be lost on the Island itself; Walt’s Dad Michael is a great example of that. So, I think MIB’s fate is to still be stuck on the Island as a wondering soul, perhaps running into other lost souls he imitated at one point in time..

    Ben Linus could have moved on with the other Losties in the church, he was invited to do so (“you were a great #2”).. But he chose to stay behind to mend the relationship with Alex, who probably needed help moving on herself..

    This might be the last time I answer a moving on/church/purgatory question, I’m still sooo disappointed in the end, every time I try to express myself about it I am haunted by that disappointment!

    So about Jorge, yes that is one miniscule good thing about the cancellation of Alcatraz is that there is a small glimmer of hope of the return of Lost in some fashion.. Also, Desmond (Henry Isaac Cusack) character was dropped from the new ABC show “Scandal”, so even more of a glimmer of hope!

  16. Bob – yes the Lost ending was object of extensive discussion, wasn’t it. I know someone who had never watched Lost and decided to buy the DVD set, recently.
    They told me they very much enjoyed it (surprise, surprise) including the ending. The word used to describe it (the ending that is) was “beautiful”. I did not respond verbally to their description of “the ending” but said to myself “holy $*%^” maybe I missed something here! I later thought about the issue again and concluded my original opinion was the correct one for me – if the Island really existed it would have kicked everyone off before the end. 🙂

  17. FYI – anyone who likes or might like The Walking Dead. AMC will rerun the latest season starting July ’12.
    i am not a big rerun person but might peek in. Not much compares to the Zombie Apocalypse these days IMO.

  18. Someone has been telling me the series Falling Skies is really good. So I looked it up online at IMDb and it got a 6.9. As well, the first review I read was quite unfavorable.
    Anybody seen it?

  19. hey wolfx! sorry again for late response.. I heard it is an awesome show..One of my Lost friends loves the Falling Skies series..I heard Terry O’Quinne (Locke) is in it too..My friend was always a sci-fi fan involving space and aliens, I had to sell him big time on lost before he watched several episodes and got hooked…

  20. Glad to see the site up and running. I love looking back at it and reading old theories to see who got closest to predicting the outcome of the show. I just introduced my fiance to the show and in less than 3 days we are halfway through season 2.

  21. Hey PutMeOn815! Thanks for stopping in..I love reading old theories too, I just look at the random theories portion and click away..Glad you got your fiance hooked on show, if she likes Lost I approve of her already 🙂

  22. Yes, read an old theory last year (cant remember who wrote it) which was eerily prophetic. The writer must have worked with the production ha..ha.
    Still miss Lost and cant wait for the next installment of The Walking Dead.

  23. Usin’ a cheap a*s HP laptop with Mint loaded..ok..ok we are not using a MicroSoft Windows computer. and watchin’ an episode ‘Chupacabra’ of the walkin’ dead series.
    I luv that show..ok..ok. i luv this place too.

    Always LOST

  24. Apologies for chiming in again. I also wanted to mention the series as previously mentioned (ref TWD) AMC has begun reruning the 2011-12 season. The story goes like this…We happened to be surfing the TV last nite and came upon an episode of said series (mentioned in #32). It was a perfect moment; great series, great episode, t’was the weekend…etc.

    Best wishes to all the Losties. I think in common, we love good stories. As long as we we have great story tellers we will have interesting discussions. Dont you think? 🙂

  25. Saw Jin, Locke and Bernard in a Hawaii Five 0 episode the other nite. I thought Locke was going to turn to smoke when he was getting beat up by some gangster. Bernard played a bad guy and I noticed Jin is fluent in English now.
    Maybe wolfx watches too much TV ha…ha..ha

  26. We hope EMZI does not mind us talking about other series until LOST returns!
    Forever the optimist one could say, but I think it is a just form of clairvoyance.
    Just about the only thing we are serious about in this blog – LOST.

  27. wolfx thanks again for the optimistic outlook and pouring your heart out into this site.. Got your comment last week while on vacation in Georgia mountains; as I hike through woods, my mind plays the Lost family thinking about buying a Cabin up there, I showed my mom the Dog painting that was in Horrace’s Cabin and said if we get the cabin that painting is going right above the fireplace! I was looking over the DarkUFO site, somebody posted this awesome video clip linking many of the Lost scenes together…it does a great job showing how much thought the writers put into piecing the story together..I’ve only watched like 15 minutes of it so far, really really good give it a shot

  28. Bob – Thanks for that. Not sure my heart is the organ I’d come up with, as much as my mouth (not an organ i know) which unfortunately has few limits..ha..ha.
    Read Jensen’s 12 theories on Lost. Some of them were pretty good but not better than the ones on this site.

  29. Only 2 months before The Walking Dead returns. Not that I’m counting.

    That’s the way it was with Lost, if memory serves in terms of one who enjoys well presented TV.

  30. hey wolfx, ya man..I still check the site every so often..afraid it’s just you and me..I suggest if you want to get involved in any Lost discussions join the DarkUFO site

    There are fans there that comment all the time.. I’m there too, same name and symbol..
    I still miss this site, it was the best Lost site ever..but unfortunately not many people checking in..still great for reading through old theories though (thanks Emz for keeping it up!)

  31. Thanks Bob, I missed the info about emzi’s site. I’ll take wolfx over there for sure.

    Yes, Losing Lost left a big TV hole but TWD is trying hard to fill it. We were talking about the character comparisons between Lost and TWD this morning in the office. Jack – Rick, The Hillbilly – Sawyer for example.

    Good to hear from you and that you’re still writing and about Lost.

  32. I’m still here fellas. Just haven’t been checking in at all.

    Let’s see, so you plan on putting up that picture huh? Creepy. I found the cabin to be scary.

    I’ve been watching The Last Resort. More because I was stationed aboard a submarine than for any mystery. Besides, it seems to be more of a government conspiracy thing. It’s hard watching a show that tries to portray what submarine life was like. Not like the show (I mean taking away the government stuff) at all regarding sub life.

    I think based on someone’s recommendation here, I bought Atlas Shrugged. Great, great book.

    When I finally finished reading it.

    I can easily see how portions of the book transition over to Lost. I wouldn’t mind discussing that with anyone whose read it. I wonder if the writers for Lost did use that book at all.

    I tried to get my sister into Lost. She was flying through it, knocking out episode after episode but then stopped. She said when The Others became a bigger part of the story, they creeped her out.

    I don’t have cable so I can’t see TWD. I’ve been watching Person of Interest, Fringe. Fringe has been great, been watching that since the start. I guess this is the final season though…

    Guess that’s good for now. Hopefully I hear from you guys soon.

  33. Hey Apostle. How’s it going?

    Poor admin has wolfx pestering everying over at TWD site now..thx to bobt …ha..ha.
    I believe you can watch episodes on the web if you dont have cable.
    You should check it out.

  34. Hi emz! Long time no chat. Just wanted to say hi and ill be joining your Horror story and once site soon, are you watching the new horror story?
    I love your layouts and sites…still the best admin around!

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