Is this the end or the beginning?

Obviously not a unique subject matter and having been beaten to death, questions remain about what exactly happened at the end.

However, i will not try to be another flogger of that poor horse. My target is one or singular in goal. It is to do with the Losties or should i say Lostie. The Lostie I refer to is of course, Jack who i would interpret as the main Lostie.

Now, having said what i said i wont rant (i hope) insanely on in my usual manner (as my buddies probably know about). This is to do with not only the end but beginning, which are inseparably linked if one believes the following.

The famous opening scene of Jack’s eye opening serves the purpose of the series beginning and his awaking after being put unconscious in the air crash. The end was dramatically and inversely the same, which in all I very much thought was a well thought out portrayal of the start/end concept.

The one theory many of you folks may believe about the Losties being dead all along seems to fit the model, I just tried to paint. However, would we not be talking Losties, as opposed to Lostie? I wonder how may people believe the adventures of Lost were played out in the theater of Jack’s mind between his eye opening and closing? Elaborate as it is. Or was the series, his life flashing before his eyes as it were, before he died, which may be a one and the same. The whole series in a split second…

I’m not sure if/how this could be debated but I’ve been wrong before, once….maybe…..okay, let’s pretend for the sake of argument..or not 🙂

PS: hopefully this is not a or one of a last entry given the Mayan calendar end’s on Friday, to speak of ends. said in a cautious joking manner.

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23 thoughts on “Is this the end or the beginning?

  1. daddyx – yes, thanks for that. I wasn’t sure if it had been discussed here (too lazy to look). I had read or seen this idea/theory in at least one other blog or on TV etc, at some point. Can’t say I am enthralled with it for a number of reasons. Which I will not get into today.

    One reason for putting this forth however was curiosity. If (the following is not a novel concept either) this was not an idea that originated in the beginning of the series, One could or would be more understanding of it. On the other hand, I can think other series finales which appeared to have used a similar technique at the eleventh hour, as it were.

    A little voice in my head (no not the voices i usually hear) tells me I have been putting to much effort into the thought and to take it at face value. But that voice can be contradictory as well…ha…ha.

  2. Now that the Apocalypse occurring today fades (we still have half a day left here on the west coast) and hopefully wont, we are wondering if anyone had an opinion or guidance on what they believe was the case. This wrt, for argument sake, the intent all along was to have Jack dreaming the Lost adventure in his last moments?
    The theory as mentioned is not original and it is pretty difficult and possibly outlandish to debate. I rather seek and think it is more acceptable it was the original plan. I’ll use a sandwich analogy; in the beginning there were two pieces of bread which were divided into the top piece and the bottom piece…What kind of sandwich we got was really good when you scraped off the mustard.

  3. Interesting idea. If everything is a dream or something, this could explain all the weird stuff going on in Lost.

    But weren’t there many events in Lost that Jack couldn’t possibly be aware of? Jack must be a quite advanced dreamer if he can dream about scenarios where he’s not present and then be able to keep track of what the dream’s main character (himself) is supposed to be aware of and what not to be aware of (and the same goes for all the other characters in the dream).

  4. ilieintheshadowofthestatue – yep yours is good logic I’d say. The question then is; did the Lost guys want this all along or was this an idea of the desparate? Everyone has their preferences. I’d like to believe the former. Happy Holidays.

  5. Something similar happened in soap opera Dallas in the eighties, where it was at one point declared that the last few seasons of the series had just been a dream by Pamela Ewing. It was an obvious after construction in order to explain Bobby Ewing’s return from the dead. During these dream episodes, many things had of course happened that Pamela could not have had any knowledge about. I don’t remember all of it very well but I imagine that this maneuver by the producers must have created plenty of plot holes.

  6. ilieintheshadowofthestatue – thats one reason why i like the idea that it was always the plan. The producers may have thought it was the cool route to take. As opposed to it being an easy cop out at the end. The Lesser of the 2 evils. Who knows (you folks may know) maybe they have said it was their plan.
    But perhaps you’re right.

    My favorite series ending (or segment explanation) like this was Bob Newhart’s Newhart back in the 90’s. People who liked his previous show entitled The Bob Newhart Show should have adored that one.

    It is a joke in itself to think one’s thought would be that they wasted 6 years of their life watching LOST, if it was all a dream. Wait a muinute…Is this like having watched the TV show Seinfeld for 6 years which was supposed to be ‘a show about nothing’???

    Gotta luv this stuff 🙂

  7. I meant to say soul of this site. Don’t use phones to post, would be a recommendation.
    While i’m at it, where are the other fine folks that usually contribute to this site…lately.

  8. hey wolfx! sorry man, rarely reply to posts lately.. but I still check in here every couple days and read comments or old theories..Lost still on my mind, I just got done publishing Chapter 80 of my story on the Lost Fan Fiction site, I’ve got about 15 people following it, such a thrill! Take care

  9. Apologies to Butterflybow for commenting on his string which polls to see who’s still around. Wolfx sometimes has bad blog etiquette.
    I will leave the Lost associates alone and be commenting on my own strings from now on or until Lost comes back 🙂 🙁 🙂

  10. WRT the TV series The Leftovers, the word ‘excellent’ comes to mind. I’ve come to the realization Lindelof may not know Sci-Fi but he knows how to combine it with drama.

  11. We still don’t have Lost back (yet) but with Lindelof doing The Leftovers and Cuse doing The Strain (which is really good BTW)we’re being entertained in the interim. Never liked vampire shows but The Strain introduces a few new interesting spins on the idea. The series borrows from the TheWalkingDead side of the street which works because I like the pun and also luv TWD. The Strain is also a metaphor for other sociopoliticalhistorical events ie the message is intended to be good. Hoping both show get a 2nd season.

  12. The Strain is a strain to watch at times for example; scenes of vampires licking clotting (snotty) blood off a dirty floor. Even the hardened wolfx gets a slight psychological irking for nausea. I would cut back on that stuff..we get the idea already. If some of this is supposed to be dark comedy, it gets by me. A lighter touch would be appreciated in these domains and would add to the quality IMO.

    Next week’s topic; the excessive profanity employed in The Leftovers. Again we get the idea. The intended effect fades with every “fuckin’ this and that” after a point. Still like the show tho.

  13. The new season of TWD tonite (15/10/11). The show hasn’t lost steam yet. It is the best 🙂 Too bad Beth had to go last season 🙁
    BTW where are our Lost friends? – taken by the Zombie Apocalypse???

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