108 minutes….The Reasons For Islands Power

This is not entirely my theory but it is one that stopped me from questioning much. It was formed after season one and to this day still holds water.

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10 thoughts on “108 minutes….The Reasons For Islands Power

  1. My only issue with them being “frozen in time” until the plane debris was planted on the island is that from the time they “wake up” they start counting the days they have been on the island. Then when the O6 eventually get back to the real world, the time still matches up. Had they been frozen, they would have said “we were on the island for 108 days” while the time they got back would have been substantially further ahead than 108 days.

  2. I do agree cappayne. that’s the one part of the theory that is a little weak for me. A bit of a stretch.
    I would say they definately crashed and there is a happy medium between the spiritual and scientific sides to the story. I think they survived for a reason, but were kept alive. They should’ve died from the impact but were saved by the healing power of the island. But only them for one reason or another.

    But the majority definately still works for me.

  3. Maybe because the time is delayed on the Island (we see this with the freighter doctor as well as the bomb), maybe the delay accumulates slowly, possibly adding on a few days, which could have been all “they” needed to plant the debris etc.

  4. maybe (cappayne)…
    And (lostfan) maybe the whole point of who the Island, and/or Jacob, is choosing to inhabit the island is the key to finalizing some master equation that would allow procreation to occur. Who knows if Sun would’ve made it past the 2nd trimester. It seems that the island moving through time would most definately affect fetal growth and progression. Maybe the Island ultimately needs help getting to a certain location. Maybe the North Pole…
    That would explain the strong magnetic force within the island. it was originally created at one of the poles and once the power was attempted to be honed it physically moved through time and space. This probably would have happened pre-Dharma. Some early civ. that harnesed it’s power, used polar bears to move the wheel and thus the surrounding land was moved… Cool little theory.

  5. It almost seems that things were set in motion to get the o6 off the island as well. If Charlie hadn’t died would the o6 ever have gotten off? Plus this would not have happened if Desmond kept saving charlie.

    ….I believe Sun would not have had her baby if she didn’t get off the island. Is this important somehow.

    …If your going with the theories of self correcting or time looping…..what about the people who have died since the crash. At what point is the island stuck in time or looping?…… or what are other possibilities?

    ….just thinking out loud again….

  6. help me out with the pole reversal a little. Are you sayin that the island is protection from this? Because pole reversal occures now, in real life. Its not something that is going to happen, it actually happens. If this is what you are saying, I apologize, but this is a lot of info to absorb.
    By the way, right or wrong…one hell of a theory/story.

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