Faraday vs Ben

This may have been brought up before …. but please indulge me on your theories as to why Ben’s bearing off the island was 325 and Faradays bearing was 305….why the variation?

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30 thoughts on “Faraday vs Ben

  1. maybe the bearing was 325, but with them not pressing the button every 108 minutes and Desmond having to do the failsafe key the island shifted a bit to a new bearing of 305….

  2. When do we hear that Ben’s thought of the bearing is 325? because a lot could have happened with shifts/moves of the island before Faraday’s measurement.

  3. We first hear the about the 325 bearing, back in Season 2 in “Live Together, Die Alone”. Michael and Walt followed it and successfully escaped the island. But then Daniel Faraday insisted on following a 305 bearing; both Pilot Frank and Daniel successfully used it navigating to and from the island. So, I ask, 2 bearings; 2 successful trips off the island. Are both bearings within some

  4. WOW shaunamomma- I am confused……are you for real? haha That was a crazy rant…I like it!!

    I don’t know about the angles and such but both bearings definately worked…..but I do agree that if the bearings weren’t followed they would not have been able to leave and possibly would have went in circles or been lost.

    So then perhaps you are right and Daniel knew something before……….

    I can’t help wonder though if the doctor who washed up dead but was actually still alive in the boat is related somehow to the two different bearings?

    Is it possible that the two different bearing are also different points in time?

    I would love to hear what you think on that.

  5. lostfan, I believe Faraday knew the correct bearing, because he had made sure the freighter was outside of ‘the island’s’ radius.

    This is why he fired the ‘payload’ to make sure of the correct bearing for Lapidus to fly.

    If, the freighter hadn’t have blown up, it would not have moved with ‘the island’.

    Jin was outside of ‘the island’s’ when the FDW was turned.

    That is why Jin is not travelling with the other ‘losties’, but is with Rousseau and her team instead.

  6. Hey Dabs, question…

    Do you mean that Jin is not traveling with the other Losties in a physical sense (as we saw him wash up on shore) or are you asserting that he is in a different time?

  7. I like the idea of 2 different points in time. Maybe they are close in numerical bearings, so they are close, within a couple of years in time. Maybe thats why Michael couldnt die. I truly dont remember if they ever said the year during the Kevin Johnson Episode. If they did, tell me to shut up.
    Assuming they didnt, say ben, decided to send Kevin Johnson a year or month(s) into the past, that way he could use him in the present to be his freighter man.
    No, this doesnt make too much sense pertaining to what we see right now. But if the doctor showing up on shore dead was foreshadowing to upcoming bearing/time problems, then this could make sense. And give us an answer to why “the island wouldnt let him die”. The island, doesnt have that power. Father time does. If Michael was sent to the past, given a different name, to go unrecognized, and the ability to not die, because he has already lived through this time.
    Yeah, i’m stretching, i’m stretching real far.

  8. Hey kimberly, recall when the doctor from the freighter washed ashore a couple of days after Keamy killed him?

    It was because the freighter was outside of ‘the island’s’ radius. The same thing has happened to Jin, basically.

    Therefore, he is in the time frame when Rousseau and her team first came to ‘the island’. 16 years earlier, before Alex was born.

    Don’t ask me why, though! lol

  9. lostfan, Jin is clearly travelling with ‘the island’, but is NOT with the other losties, as stated.

    Jin’s timing is elsewhere. The best I can explain at the moment.

  10. you know Dabs, I disagreed with you at first, but now that i think about it, unless the losties are stuck in the same time period as danielle, why would it show that. Unless its just a build up for her story, in which case Jin should be leaving her soon, which would be kind of dumb. I for some reason picture Jin delivering Alex, and that being the breaking point to find Sun, not that he wouldnt want to already, but Danielle was about ready to pop, and we know her team dies (or at least died) soon after arrival. I dont understand it, but you may be right Dabs. But this is something I cant go full throttle at without more info and fact.
    By the way, what the hell were they researching anyway?

  11. Hey…AES…

    I like your idea that Jin could be there to help Rousseau deliver Alex, because that could be the proof that Ben has that Jin is alive.


    And even more interesting (just personally for me) is that I just wrote a post needing some discussion about “Why” some things are happening, which you commented about on here. Funny.

  12. AES, I think we’ll get more information on the Rousseau/Jin connection tomorrow night.

    The last we saw of Locke, Sawyer et el, they were shown in the time of watching Kate help deliver Claire’s baby, and Locke discovering the Swan. Time wise, that’s 2004.

    We then see Jin arrive with Rousseau and her team, which is somewhere in the late 1980’s. My guess, is they will all meet up again, eventually.

    I also like your idea of how Ben knows Jin is alive. Good thinking!

  13. Finally, some light into Mr Ialwayshaveaplan’s head. How does he know so much about the Losties….ONE OF THEM TOLD HIM WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER! This would give him YEARS of planning the perfect…whatever the hell he is planning. he actually, if this is true, could very well know 1) them better than they know themselves and 2) how to get them back because he was there when they returned as a child….and i have a nosebleed

  14. dabs- I know you stated the obvious….I was just asking if anyone has any theories as to why Jin is traveling diferently. Didn’t Locke initially travel separately too as it was pouring where he was but not where Juliet and Sawyer were. ……yet he eventually caught up in time with them.
    Perhpas I should have posted this in theories….
    …any ideas?

  15. AES, You have it absolutely right! That is exactly how Ben knows everything! Because he was there!!! Been there, done that!

    lostfan, sorry I don’t know of any. I think we have to wait until after tomorrow nights episode to confirm.

    If you haven’t heard the recent Podcast from the writers, I believe they have mentioned it on there. But only as I’ve stated. I haven’t seen or heard anything more.

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