A theory to consider based on TIME

First lots of great posts and ideas from this site.

I have too possible theories on the show that are based on time theories.

This theory is based on some ideas from other posts around 1954, the bomb, can’t change the past etc. It’s possible that at some point in time the bomb actually goes off.

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2 thoughts on “A theory to consider based on TIME

  1. username, you have just succeeded in doing what any good theorist should do, and that is to build off of other good theories. And, bring forth a continuance from them to come full circle. Congratulations!

    I absolutely love both options you’ve presented, and would be satisfied with either scenario.

    I have considered this event may have already happened, to some extent, and view ‘the island’ as a place that is containing that event, in ‘time’.

    The other thought, is ‘the island’ is now with help from the Universe and Ms. Hawking and others, self-correct.

    You obviously researched your information, and put a name to it.

    A lovely theory!

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