The Immortals

Time travel, Atlantis and Jacob’s identity aside… there is a growing underlying theme in the show that has not been directly addressed yet.

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9 thoughts on “The Immortals

  1. there is definitely corpses on the show. the age thing is a bit of mystery but could be explained in different ways outside a fountain of youth. maybe Richard has traveled from the future?

  2. pjdkrunkt, really nice post on ‘The Immortals’. It’s a very refreshing!

    I am so glad you brought this subject up, because it seems to be a direction the show may be taking.

    This is purely speculative on my behalf, but what if those that stand on one side, are in fact, the dead!

    For the most part, we have left them out of the equation until now. But, what if they also serve a greater purpose.

    I can’t recall who said this,(Ethan, maybe), but it was to the effect, that ‘nothing stays buried on this island’. It was quite telling.

    The fact, that none of the people who have died on ‘the island’, underwent embalming has always troubled me.

    It would not surprise me, to see this aspect play out.

  3. I take it, that you’re referring to John Locke and Christian Shephard, highbrow.

    If so, maybe that makes them eligible for reincarnation.

    While, the others are in a different category, altogether. In spirit form, only.

    Just a thought.

  4. That’s an interesting idea, especially since our modern embalming practices derive from Egyptian mummification processes. I mean, from a strictly scientific point of view, a body that has been dried out and had all of the internal organs forcibly removed and the brain turned into scrambled eggs doesn’t stand much of a chance at waking up. So maybe the island is a place where the dead can walk beside the living?

  5. The island seems to be multiple mythical places if you think about it…Atlantis, Fountain of Youth, Garden of Eden, Purgatory, Shangri La, El Dorado, etc.

  6. I would agree, and the characters seem to also be based on various mythological (and Biblical) characters… look up Hercules and Achilles and I think you have the basic prototypes for John Locke. Overall, alot of the themes are directly tied to Greek-Roman mythology… specifically oracles, assistance from the dead, immortals, divine intervention, and the stage being set for an epic (and possibly endless) war between (possibly ancient) forces. And the family issues that ALL of the characters have is classic mythology all the way, as well as the archetypes of characters like Jack, John, Sawyer, Kate, Jin/Sun and Ben. These are classical characters, full of drama and deep seated motives rooted in childhood traumas. I’m sure there will be a great many books written uncovering all of these connections when Lost is finished!

  7. Well, we now know that the Well is newer than the Statue… which creates an interesting dimension to the assumption that the Well, the Wheel and the Statue and all of the ruins come from the same time period. There are apparently multiple ancient time periods at work here and not just one!

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