Who’s on what side in “The War”?

As far as we know, there are 2 definite sides to the war – John’s people and Ben’s people. The problem is that we aren’t sure who is a member of each side. Here’s my take on Eloise, Richard, and Widmore…
Many believe Eloise is on Ben’s side, but do we know that for sure? Why would she tell Jack to give something of Christian’s to Locke? Did she know that doing this would also cause Locke to come back to life? How did she get a hold of John’s suicide note after Ben was NOT shown finding it in last week’s episode? Is she simply being used as a pawn by Ben to get back to the Island, and is she secretly working with Widmore? I think she is on Widmore’s side, but does not know of Ben’s intentions. Eventually we will find out what side she is on when Desmond must return to the Island (see my theory on Desmond’s Return to the Island).
Another question is what side is Richard Alpert on? He appears to be an avid Jacob follower. Anything Jacob says goes. He tells John he’s going to die, but Widmore says “why would he say that?”. I believe he will be on John’s side due to his devout Jacob following. But his mysterious past still puts some doubt in my mind. We don’t even know how old this guy is and how he’s managed NOT to become leader. It’s as if he’s permanently the trainer of ALL past and future leaders. What’s up with that?!
And finally, what side is Widmore on? Yes he tells John his side of the story, but there seems to be something peculiar about how he answered “why would he say that” after Locke told him he was going to die. Does that mean he’s an enemy of Richard Alpert? I think he is trying to protect the island, but has lost faith in Jacob and his followers. I’m still waiting for Widmore’s flashback episode, maybe then I can figure this out.

If anyone has any other ideas, I’d like to read them 🙂

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

7 thoughts on “Who’s on what side in “The War”?

  1. eggotised1, We know that at one point, Widmore, Ms. Hawking, Richard Alpert, and even Ben were at least on good terms with one another. Perhaps, even representing the same side.

    Something changed the dynamics of those relationships and made enemies out of Ben and Widmore.

    I don’t see Ms. Hawking being on the side of Charles Widmore, anymore than I see her being on the side of Ben.

    She may be operating on the side of what’s in the best interest of ‘the island’ and Jacob.

    Right now, Richard Alpert seems to be a complete mystery. He is supportive of both Ben and Locke. Is he representing the neutral faction? Offering support, without really having any particular stance in things.

    He is a hard one to peg.

  2. debiatchishere,Yeah, Ms.Hawking is also still a mystery to me. I also think she is doing what’s best for the island and Jacob much like Alpert is doing. Widmore might be the same way, but I could be wrong about him. It seems that men with too much power and lots of money seem to have destructive intentions when it comes to the island and its inhabitants.

  3. eggotised1, I completely agree with you. The mystery is hard enough to sort through, but when you throw in Ben & Widmore’s ongoing greed and battle, it makes for one, very confusing mix of events.

    Rather than actual sides, maybe we should be looking at the reasons, aside of the money, greed and power that are dividing them.

    There is something larger at play, and if we can sort out, what that might be, we might have a better chance, of determining who is representing what, if any side.

    What if they are all on the same side, or at least think they are, and are playing from their own vantage point, that one idea, is better than the other. Who knows!

    Great post!

  4. I thought it seemed pretty clear that the “war” was between Ben and Widmore. Wasn’t sending mercenaries and a boatload of TNT just a first strike for Widmore?

    I won’t pretend to know who is on who’s side but it seemed clear that they are the players. What we really don’t know yet is who is the good guy and who is the bad. Plus, we don’t really know who is on the island’s side, if anyone. Ben says Widmore wants to exploit the island but what has Widmore said about Ben’s intentions?

    I don’t think we’ll know most of that until next season. It will be interesting to find out who supports who though and who’s a double agent, etc.

  5. I agree with madalayna. Also, eggo:

    -Eloise told Jack to give smoething of Christians to Locke to make a proxy for Christian, thus making the Ajira flight more simialar to the Oceanic one.

    -Also, I thought that Alpert was the leader in 1954. The captured (Miles Faraday Charlotte) were brought to Alpert, Alpert told Widmore to shut up, etc.

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