The island is always moving

At the end of season 4, Christian told John to move the island and he didn’t do it. Ben was the one that did it. Further in season 5, when some of the losties go and meet Ms Hawking in the church or temple. She tells them to listen very carefully to what she was going to say.

The thing that caught my attention was that She said that the island is always moving. SO Why did they have to move the island on the first place. And Why did christian ask john to do this. Knowing that the island always move.

In addition Ms Hawking said that the island was going to be in that exact coordinate where the ajira airline was going to pass so this means that the island was moving very fast. and they had a deadline to get into this coordinate very soon before it moves again……

Somebody is hiding or not telling something that its very important to the show…

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10 thoughts on “The island is always moving

  1. “The island is always moving” only applied after Ben moved the island in the first place. Since then, it has always been moving, but not before that.

  2. Transcript from 316 taken from Lostpedia.

    “ELOISE: Well, this fellow presumed, and correctly, as it turned out, that the Island was always moving. Why do you think you were never rescued? Now while the movements of the Island seem random, this man and his team created a series of equations which tell us, with a high degree of probability, where it is going to be at a certain point… in time.”

    This to me suggests that the island was always moving before Ben turned the wheel.

    It also suggests that the island was always moving in time as well, which I can’t quite fathom cause if it was always doing that how did the O6 get rescued in their correct time frame, how did the Others get to and from the island in the same time frame etc.

    I’m thinking that the probability is the island was always moving location, but ever since Ben turned the wheel it started moving in time as well.

    I think…

  3. based on some of faraday’s drawings, the Island could have been moving in imaginary space/time.

    i’ve also heard of a great theory around another form of movement. if i can find it again, i’ll post the link.

  4. Thanks for posting this Lost Mysteries! It confirms what I believed all along!

    emzi, thanks for posting the information from Lostpedia, to verify this.

  5. Emzi, I think you got it. The “entry/exit” coordinates of 301 degrees is the key. For whatever reason, the island can be approached from only one direction. It would seem probable that this direction is a doorway of some kind. Faraday’s rocket also seems to back this idea up. If you look at some of the unofficial maps of the Lost island, you can see that the wreckage for the 815 was strewn across the southern edge of the island exactly on that bearing. On the helicopter trips, ELECTRICAL storms erupted out of nowhere on a clear day along that heading. You will also notice that when the helicopter brought the soldiers to the island, it followed the approach coordinates, which went directly over top of the beach camp. That is because the beach camp was sitting beside the wreckage along the approach coordinate.

    Approaching the island from any other heading causes the person to be mentally ripped out of the continuity of linear time which quickly results in death. Now, if the island is constantly slipping through time as well as space, then this approach direction must somehow link the island to the rest of us on Earth… temporally as well as spatially.

  6. cool, i found the theory i was referring to earlier in the post. the person theorizes that the island is moving around ley lines

    if anyone is interested i can post the link

  7. alot of people are hiding things about stuff…ben is hiding alot of crap…Juliet knows alot…and i think faraday knows a whole lot and he is some key to it all…or maybe he knows but just hasnt figured it out yet

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