Where is Widmore?

Since the focal time of the show is now 1977, this is smack in the middle of Widmore’s self-proclaimed tenure as leader of the Others. We have seen Richard Alpert in 1974 as the “spokesperson” if you will of the Others when he comes to talk to Horace about Sawyer killing his 2 men. If Widmore “led the Others for 30 years”, why was he not the one to talk to Horace and/or why have we not heard of or seen him yet? Suspense moment?

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11 thoughts on “Where is Widmore?

  1. I think showing “Widmore in charge” is something the writers are holding off on showing us. He’s most likely there, we just haven’t had to see that part of the story yet.

    I believe Alpert is delivering the messages because he is the go-between for who is in charge. It appears that is his role on the island (IMO). Just like he is the go-between/messenger boy for Ben when Ben is in charge.

    I could be wrong. That’s just how I see it. But I sure am antsy to see the story behind Widmore and his “fall” on the island.

  2. cappayne, I am so relieved somebody asked this question!

    Widmore did say he was the leader of ‘the others’ for 30 years. Yet there has been no sign of him!

    John Locke sees Widmore during a flash in 1954. He was quite young, and apparently NOT the leader. It looked as though Richard Alpert was leader.

    We know that when Keamy & Company arrive on ‘the island’ in 2004, and we learn Widmore has been looking for ‘the island’ for 20 years!

    That would mean Widmore left ‘the island’ in 1984.

    It is now 1977 on ‘the island’, and you can see Ben is a young boy around 11-12 years of age. Still, no sign of Charles Widmore!

    None of these dates add up, and I have previously pointed this out!

    Now, here is where it gets really interesting. Even if Widmore were the leader for 30 years, when does he actually lead?

    Ben was working with ‘the others’ since childhood, and as you have pointed out, Richard is seen as the apparent leader in 1974, when he arrives at Dharma’s camp.

    We know that turning the FDW has repercussions, so when did this happen?

    Unfortunately, either Widmore is lying, or if he did lead for 30 years, it wasn’t on ‘the island’, or this isn’t the first time, that the record has skipped, and something went awry!

    Where is Widmore, is a very good question to be asking ourselves!

  3. Well then again, it would be not so wise on Widmore’s part, assuming he is the leader in ’77 to send himself to go and talk to DHARMA, both because he is too valuable as leader, and because he can send people for him as he gets to boss people around.

    We haven’t seen the Other’s camp at all, so it’s possible he is on the island, as he says, being the leader, and we just have yet to get to him.

    After all, since they’ve been in ’77 we have only seen 3 Others: Richard, and the two kidnappers.

    I’ll have to go watch the scene again when Richard goes to DHARMA-ville and see if he makes any reference to the two men being “his” people. Does he say “You guys killed two of my men” or does he say “You guys killed two of us”? That could be an interesting thing to check out.

  4. I think he said “You killed two of our people” cappa. I might be wrong, but that’s what I thought.

    dabiatchishere: Good call on the years not adding up. I never thought about that. I wonder if he is including time off of the island? I have no idea.

  5. Well I have another post entitled Revealing Penny Widmore which shows Widmore’s timeline. If he does not engage in Time Travel, and if his whole tenure as leader is on the island, then he became the leader shortly after the remaining losties traveled to 1954.

  6. I think we can assume that he is the leader of the others in 1977. The main reason we are seeing Richard is because Nestor Carbonell is under contract, while Alan Dale is probably more reluctant to have a big part in the series. Especially since he hates the show. British people?

  7. Capps, This is a tough one for me. I completely agree with Dabs about being relieved that someone asked this ? Because I have been wondering for a while now. Where he is at.

    I can’t get a grip on it, But think that Widmore’s next revolution might be an opening of a ‘Pandora’s Box’

    Sorry , But I’m still researching this one. Great question in my humble opinion though.

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