Ben-Widmore Encounter

This theory regards the encounter between Ben an Widmore in “The Shape of Things to Come”. In the previous episode (“Meet Kevin Johnson”), Tom tells Michael that he cannot die, as the island won’t let him. During their encounter, Widmore asks Ben: “Are you here to kill me?”, to which Ben replies: “You and I both know I can’t do that…”

Thsi implies that, like Michael, Charles Widmore cannot be killed, as the island has not finished with him yet. This foreshadows a return to the island for him.

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3 thoughts on “Ben-Widmore Encounter

  1. I agree on that being why he cannot be killed. For the record, I have and always will, hate the idea that Ben and Widmore are constants.
    I wonder about Widmores return sometimes…I have an idea or two on it…may be a new theory soon…

  2. it’s also possible that this is the 2nd or 3rd iteration through the timeloop of which widmore was on the island in the future during one of them past the time frame of that particular scene

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