Why did Sun not go back in time?

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I thought this would be a great place to get this question answered that has really been bugging me.

Why is it that only Hurley, Jack, Sayid and Kate dissapeared and went through time back to 1977? Why did Sun not? Why did Locke not and how in the world did he come back to life?

I’m also struggling to understand the fact that the plane crashed on the island (which means that it’s visible now) but all the others on the plane beside the select Losties ended up on the island in 2007.

Maybe someone can help me out?

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8 thoughts on “Why did Sun not go back in time?

  1. Hi Jess

    The question about Sun in a very good one and also one of the reasons I am starting to lose a little faith with the writers and wondering are they making it up as they go along!

    Jin and Sun have always been minor bit major characters (if that makes sense) and I wonder if their love story was written to create the baby and they have existed alongside that goal. Now the writers are stuck with two characters that they need to bring back onboard and here we go with a time traveling/island hoping kiss chase.

    I think Jack & co went back in time to create the incident, another bit of making it up as you go!

    I will have to turn this into a theory – Will Lost be the biggest disapointment since…..

  2. The reason is that they didnt bring EVERYBODY back.
    I think I am the only one who thinks this, so we’ll have to wait and see.
    The people that didnt return, that have connection with 815 was Aaron, JiYeon, and Walt.
    Abbadon even incinuated to Locke that Walt should return. Locke had none of it. He believed he only had to bring the O6 back. But he didnt even do that, and neither did Ben. I feel JiYeon needed to return because she was a part of Sun, and maybe even Jin. Walt needs to return, because he was actually on the plane.
    This was necessary for eveyone to return, and I think we will learn that it is in fact true.

  3. I like how you think because this points in different directions in my humble opinion. All the flights 815, and 316 and all it’s passengers will be accounted for.

    Plus. Locke and Ben, and the rest of the passengers. I just feel like different scenes will be extended. A lot!

  4. Well it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one wondering about this. The fact that they didn’t ALL return makes sense and is probably what they’re going for but I have to agree with prosperoburns. This is making me loose a little faith in the writers. It feels too much like they just made it up as they went along to fit the Jin and Sun story in right.

    Anyways, I can already tell this website is going to be a major distraction from my studies lol

  5. I dont see it that way. I see it as Sun being one of the Key components to the Losties all reuniting, and her and Jins storyline, being it is the ONLY true love story we know of that at this moment been destroyed by the hands of time…I have to say, it seems they are setting up for something great.
    No one called this, no one predicted this. They have to fight our theories and the novice viewers.
    A little simplicity is necessary for the people not on a theory site everyday.
    They most likely had to make a decision on these two, something big to add to their story, that does seem to be seperate from the others.
    At the same time…do remember, Sun had her conversations with Widmore, Jin told Locke not to bring her back, and She was a half second away from blowing bens head off, until he told her Jin was alive.
    She is now carrying his ring, very remenecant to season 1 when she thought she lost her own.
    Her father has connection to Widmore and possibly Dharma, or is that vice versa…either way, I think some of the knowledge she gained from Widmore will come back to play, and Jin IS still a Dharma member…even if she gets to the 70s, will they treat her as a hostile, as they did Sayid? How will Jin react? Dont think he’s going to allow her to meet Oldham without a fight…

  6. I guess I meant more to say that I don’t like what they did with this. I agree that Sun and Jin’s part in the story is very important but I feel that the fact that only some went back in time seemed too random and/or subjective. I just hope that the writers will reveal the true reason for this eventually and then I will feel better.

    Like many others I’m beginning to wonder how they will have time to wrap everything up and answer all questions by the end of the series. I just have to trust them, this show is my baby 🙂

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