Ethan is conceived and born on the island in sometime after the time traveling gang shows up between 1974 and 1977. At this time, women giving birth on the island was obviously not a problem. So what happened? This is the whole reason Juliet was recruited in the first place.

Speaking of Ethan, we know that he becomes Juliet’s love interest as an adult. At this time, Ethan is an Other. So, he was obviously not killed with the rest of the Dharma crew. Did he participate in helping to plot the overthrow? Were his own parents (Horace and Amy) victims or did they manage to leave the island before this transpired? If they were killed and if Ethan knew they would be or worse yet participated in the planning, then it would appear that Ben is, or was, not the only monster.

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10 thoughts on “Ethan?

  1. We know for sure Horace died in the purge because Locke found his body in the pit when he was trying to find Jacob’s cabin. And I think I remember Ben looking specifically at a dead Horace slouched over on a bench when gets comes back from watching his dad die.

  2. Hey Poynetian. The women on the Island were takin off the Island to deliver there Babies on the mainland. Amy missed her sub and the Baby came two weeks early. It’s all on Lafleur.

    Please do not tell me we have to add another ‘special one’ to the long list.

  3. im guessing that that Richards crew kidnap Ethan. This explaining Ethan his super powers. So is ethan really dead? could ethan be protected by the Island?

  4. maybe ethan was injured or dying for some reason and they brought him to the others for the same treatment? Asuuming that adult ethan is the same as baby ethan.

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