Hidden Conversation In Pilot About Smokie

About twenty four minutes into the pilot the camera pans onto Jack’s face,in the back round you can blurrily see,Rose,Charlie,Sawyer,Shannon,Boone,Hurley and Michael who are all discussing what they heard in the jungle from the beach,it was the Smoke Monster and their conversation goes as follows:

Michael:”It sounded like an animal”
Rose:”That sound that it made i keep on thinking that there’s something really familiar about it”
(Possibly)Shannon:”Really where are you from?”
Rose:”The Bronx”
Charlie:”Might be monkeys”
Sawyer:”Sure its monkeys,its monkey island”
Hurley:”We don’t even know we’re on an island”

Just thought this was an interesting insight into the Smoke Monster,why does it sound familiar to Rose and does it have anything to do with her being from the Bronx?

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4 thoughts on “Hidden Conversation In Pilot About Smokie

  1. i think it was mentioned before in a podcast that one of the sound the smoke monster makes is the sound of a nyc taxi printing out a receipt (im from nyc and it sounded familiar too). i dont think the fact that it was a taxi sound was relevant, but thats what the producers chose to use to make the sound they wanted.

    although maybe the real reason is different

  2. I recall the conversation and I have never seen any of the podcasts… which seem to mostly be full of misdirection from peoples comments about them.

  3. My friend and I were sitting at this outdoor restaurant, and one of those guys who prints out tickets to stick on windshields was on duty, and the noise sounded exactly like the smoke monster. We both got so freaked out.

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