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This theory is a bit of fun inspired by Passover/Easter weekend

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah…


I suggest we are seeing a new prophesy being fulfilled on LOST with the emergence of a resurrected John Locke on the Island. He in a sense represents a messianic figure that will usher in the new covenant.

This new era will bring about a clash of faith between two conflicting interpretations of the new covenant, those that believe that the new covenant is no more than the renewed commitment to follow the Island’s wishes and for the faith to remain within the chosen people. This group consists of some of people known as the others who believe they are the chosen ones. On the opposite side there are those from within the others that believe in a new relationship between man and the Island that will need to be brought about to change the immanent apocalyptic end of times. For these believers, the whole world must be one with the Island.

The same battle was debated during early Christianity among Jews. Conflicting interpretations of the messianic prophecy suggested some believed the new covenant was to be applied to those who thought the new relationship with God was for the Jews only and on the other side those who believed the new relationship with God would include all people (Gentiles).

This battle has pitted Ben, who believes in protecting the Islands faith based system from the outside world, and Widmore who through John Locke wishes to share the Islands faith system and miracles with the entire world so as to save the world as we know it. John Locke is the chosen one in the eyes of Widmore. With Ben; John does not hold this favor. Time and time again, Ben has attempted to side step Ben and Jacob’s wishes. I believe he has done so in order to protect the old order and the Island’s followers.

Ben will do everything in his power to protect the Island and its faith based system and wishes to hide the Island from the rest of the world. Widmore is trying to find the Island and from there, reveal the truth and the Island to the whole world as was written in the temple prophesies. It would appear that Richard is on board and Jacob as well as both believe John to lead them.

The lines have been drawn and the battle is immanent. Who will prevail, only time will tell.

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19 thoughts on “Kingdom of LOST

  1. username, you know I am on the side of faith! Very nice theory.

    It doesn’t have to play out in the exact manner in which you describe, but the general gist is there.

  2. Cool idea… there’s def some heavy religious symbolism going on, but how it fits together is really a mystery. I can see John Locke as a Christ figure and Richard representing an older church… Egyptian, so you are saying Ben is like the Jewish leadership we see in the New Testament? So maybe Jacob is the Holy of Holies?

  3. interesting that i wrote that aes, it was not on purpose and now i don’t remember my intent. i think after tonights episode, we see that ben is getting scolded for not doing as the island wishes. i’m not so sure widmore deserved the banishment. what do you think?

  4. No, I think he did…I understand the idea of protecting the island, but Ben is trying to do it under gentle circumstances…he seems to have a heart, an understanding for human compassion, something oddly enough only showed with Alex…even more odd, recently Ben has been playing favorites, and defending Jack…He said something tonight, and in the life and death of J.B….

    I think Widmore is misguided. Richard responds to Jacob, and seems to go with the flow of the leader…but I dont know if he would allow this kind of thought if Jacob didnt want it.

    I think Locke may actually end up being the one who somehow orders the purge…and Ben may manipulate that into happening…again, somehow.

    I called out for Bens death, and missed by a narrow margin of sorrow, guilt, and forgiveness.
    John I feel knows whats going on because of Smokie, maybe Smokie showed him something speacial like we have been discussing in our joint theory.
    But I do feel he is blinded by Widmores lies and deciet, and does not understand that he needs to quit listening to others…or doe she already understand that.

    This was nuts, and I have a million thoughts going through my head, and I dont know if any of them equal a good theory, ao Im going to try to not post everything Im thinking…

    Either way, it looks like one time Ben wasnt lying may have been when he said “We’re the good guys.”

  5. a.e.s, that would be the only time ben wasn’t lying. he even lied to a resurrected john about seeking redemption. and he did go to seek it which means his belief system is very strong. he was judged just as those in who passed away in egyption time as is in the book of the dead.

    i feel the time is ripe, the new convenant must spread. they just can’t keep camping out on the island forever as others. what exactly is their purpose? how many generations of them has there been?

    another theory on the others would entail them being a group of archeologists, and they were searching for a lost tomb possibly of RA (Richard Alpert). they would then have found his mummy and he was himself brought back to life 🙂

  6. read the story of Joseph – about his brother BENJAMIN and his father JACOB. About Jacob’s prediction of the coming Masiach.

    It is all in the bible!

  7. Yeah I mean, pretty much anyone who watches Lost knows about the Biblical references. I actually read part of Genesis last night (Jacob/Israel and his descendants). There is no denying the similarities, but the end of Lost most likely won’t be about ‘religious’ things, though. It’s all discussed on here somewhere.

  8. Also, the similarities between barrenness in the Old Testament, and how that relates to the island (women not being able to conceive). So they definitely get a lot of their stuff from the Bible.

  9. I disagree, the bible has a lot of holes in it, a lot of stories that do not make sense or have never been completed.

    Maybe what we are watching, LOST, people have said (Land Of Scientifc Testing) nonsense like that, is really the lost story of the bible, that everything we have read in Genesis is not over – it is still taking place to this day!

    The name connections between Richard Alpert (RA), Jacob, Benjamin, and all the signs of Anubis point towards Jacob time in ancient egypt when he foretold the coming of a Mashiach but failed to do so because he feared what one of his children would do with that information.

    Jacob’s youngest child was Benjamin, way to much of a coincidence!

  10. I do agree about women not being able to conceive being from the bible,

    but I disagree that LOST will not be about a religious faction, they have been pushing all of these religious ideas, names and deities,, plus the idea of a formal established religion originates in ancient egypt (tigris and euphrates). And they keep pushing the Egypt and Anubis factor, so it is 100% important.

    Some1 on that island worshipped Anubis, and for a good reason!

  11. Actually, the stories do make sense. Not sure which Bible you’re reading, my friend. But that’s not the point. The point is, the writers didn’t accidentally put all these references into their show, and I’m not just talking about Biblical references. There’s literary references in almost every episode. None of that is coincidental.

  12. I’d encourage you to go read other posts about this — how they aren’t going to make it be about any one religion or belief because it will isolate people and many will hate the ending if it ends that way.

  13. you talk to much, keep it to yourself, and stay off my theory pages. Dont insult my intelligence either, you have no idea who I am, what I do for a living or what biblical reference I do or do not believe in.

  14. I just do not like you,

    I have had hour long arguments with highbrow, many disucssions with AES and Dabia, and they all make respectful comments where they agree and where they do not.

    All you basically said is that I am a moron, who should go re-read the bible, and I am completely wrong, when you yourself does not really know anything.

    go read “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” thats a literary reference right there.

    Then research what happened after Benjamin and Jacob returned. Then make your comments.

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