The Smoke Monster is John Locke

Sorry if someone’s already talked about this, but I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet. I believe the “new” John Locke is actually the smoke monster. You know when Ben fell down into the ruins, and was left alone with the Monster? Well, why is it that this newly reborn Locke and the Monster haven’t been seen on screen together? Because Locke never did come back to life (as Ben said nobody can come back to life), and that the Monster just took his form. This might also answer what’s in the metal box that the people from the plane are trying to open. It might contain Locke’s coffin and real body!!!

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5 thoughts on “The Smoke Monster is John Locke

  1. that would be very interesting if it was Locke’s body in the box, I just dont see how Smokey IS John Locke cause it would be the other way around, The monster would control Locke but the monster seems more like a secuirity than anything else.

    (Like a really mean dog)

  2. mmm
    theres plenty of people on the island who have not seen the smoke monster
    tbh i don’t like stuff like this too much, I think the smoke monster is the smoke monster and john is john
    jacob is jacob and so on and so on

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