ba and ka theory

ancient Egyptian religious beliefs.

the Egyptians believed that every human being was composed of physical and spiritual parts or aspects. in addition to the body, each person had a shadow, a ba ,(personality or soul) a ka (life-force) and a name. after death the spiritual aspects were released from the body and could move at will, but they required the physical remains(or a substitute, such as a statue) as a permanent home. the ultimate goal of the deceased was to rejoin his ka and ba and

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10 thoughts on “ba and ka theory

  1. Locke didn’t need to die to leave the island he turned the donkey wheel to do that. Also are you saying that when you regain ure Ka and Ba you are resurrected? if so then Christian is something different as he appears all over the place at random points e.g the frieghter just before it blows up, in jacks work place when the smoke alarm goes off and he’s sat there, in the bottom of the well when locke turns the wheel etc

  2. it was mentioned that locke needed to die, maybe it was to enable him to return to the island?
    maybe christian is the same sort of dead as charlie and ana lucia,in their afterlife they are able to appear and talk/guide the losties?
    i think only locke,richard and maybe jack are resurrected in spiritual form with their original ba and ka.

  3. Yeah Locke needed to die to return, he had to sacrifice himself, to become who he is now.

    I just took the Charlie and Ana Lucia scenes as Hurley being a bit different (and quite possibly mental) When Jack goes to see Hurley in the institute, Hurley is playing chess with Mr Ecko but Jack can’t see him. IMO i think Hurley is seeing people as he isn’t all there, it’s his subconcious that is telling him things and these thoughts manifest themselves as people i.e Charlie and Ana Lucia.

    Christian is different from these 2 as he is seen by at least 2 different people -Michael and Locke. where as Charlie & Ana have only been seen by Hurley and no one else

  4. Ewoks suck dude!!
    hehes Great stuff m8 🙂
    But what did one snowman say to the other??
    These people have codes!
    Ba and Ka look really cool and as dabs said this could explain some of the whispers!!
    great insight 🙂

  5. These kinds of theories, that bring in research from various historical and religious writings put me to sleep. I’m just saying, I bet we don’t hear about the ba and ka anytime soon.

  6. I think this is a great theory. However I believe the writers will come up with some new, original ideas for the show. it’s obvious they’re influenced by a lot of “historical and religious writings” even if they don’t fully incorporate them.
    Excellent theory.

  7. It don’t take much to imagine yourself up people here n there.Look at what locke did to boone.Boone thought he saw his sister die,and he thought it was as real as anything he’d ever seen.Does’nt this tell us all something.If it does’nt tell us something,why is it part of the story?.Hell, he even saw a monster,though we’ll never really know what it really was.

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