The most annoying LOSTees ever

This isn’t a flamer post, I just thought I might point out some things about the characters that just bugs me.

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8 thoughts on “The most annoying LOSTees ever

  1. i agree with everything but locke. he helped many losties find redemption and get what they need (charlie kick his habit, got vincent back so mike could reconcile with his son, allowed boone to be free of shannon, “saves” desmond. he doesn’t care what the other people think of him, he is doing what he feels is right.

    so what if he is wrong sometimes, who isn’t?

  2. i agree with you. i also find juliet really annoying….idk what it is about her, but i’ve never really liked her.
    shannon was pretty annoying too, but for some reason she was my favourite female character and i was upset when an lucia killed her.
    ooh, and ana lucia was my most hated character. she tried to act all tough and in control, but really she was a mess, and she created messes. i was so happy when michael shot her.

  3. wait, you liked Shannon? she was pretty hot but damn is she annoying. she always seems to want to make people feel guilty about implying that she was useless. even Sayid.

    and how could you sympathize with Ben after he practically killed his daughter, but as much as I hate both of them.

    I cant help but just be interested in their back stories. you have to agree all of these characters have some pretty deep psychological profiles that make your mind go numb when you realize, someone wrote this.

  4. I like all the LOSTIES! But i notice that my dude friends HATE KATE because she seemed to bounce back between Sawyer and Jack. They seemed to take that personally.
    I think that in Season 4, Jack became a total ass. So far in season 5, he’s still an ass, but I guess we have to wait until the big “confrontation” between him and his dead dad for him to snap out of all his pain and self-destruction.

  5. I hate claire with a passion. Her voice irritates me to no end. Also she kept getting all these cute new outfits…and does anyone else remember when she suddenly got bangs?

    Kate is annoying, but I don’t hate her. Sun is starting to really get on my nerves. Alex is annoying too, but she’s so minor that it doesn’t really matter.

    I absoutely love Juliette. She’s awesome. And I love Ben too….obviously. I loved Rousseau too, before she died. All the other island girls could have learned a thing or two from her.

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