Think again Jack!

We’ve already seen Jack thinking he could change things by refusing to operate on wounded little Ben. He thought he could prevent little Ben from becoming the man he is 30 years later, but exactly by doing that, he made sure Ben becomes the man he is 30 years later.

What if we’re seeing the same happening now. Jack thinks he can change, erase even, all the events he has been through in the past 3/4 years.

I think that by detonating the hydrogen bomb Jack does exactly what he ‘is supposed to’. Causing the incident, causing the button to be pushed, causing 815 to crash…

Jack’s attitude has changed alot since the season 3 finale, well, that’s what the writers wanted us to believe. At the beginning of season 5 he finally started believing Locke was right. Now, back on the island, he thinks his purpose is to change things so that everything he’s been through, will have never happened! Jack is back to where he started! He wants to change the past, so that he gets off the island…

Again, Jack thinks he is doing the right thing, but he isn’t. I’m starting to believe Jack’s destiny is indeed to be on the island. To do what, I don’t know. But I think the writers are showing us that Jack is doing precisely what sets the upcoming events in motion…
So, think again Jack…!

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16 thoughts on “Think again Jack!

  1. I think that yes, Faraday put the idea in Jack’s head that he has to detonate the bomb for some God-awful reason. I don’t see how that does anything except destroy the entire island and everyone on it. And if that happens, how on earth does anyone live to even BE on the Oceanic 815 flight and thus erase the past 3 years (2004-2007)? It erases everything from 1977 on, right? So none of them live to either crash on the (now non-existent island) or not crash on 815.

    So yes, I think that whatever they all try to do to change the past will, as Eloise said, “course-correct” and the events will unfold just as they were supposed to. But then that begs the question of what the heck Christian means when he says that his son has to come to the island because he has “work to do”??? It certainly seems like being on the island is Jack’s destiny, but I agree with you, we don’t know why yet. I’ve said before that it was foreshadowed in the tatoo episode, where his tatoos were translated as “He walks among us, but is not one of us.”

  2. Unless Jack’s “work to do” was to make sure the events unfold as they did. It’s always been like Jack to set out to do something ambitious and feel the need to “save everybody”, but he always tends to do the opposite and screw everybody even worse.

    However, I would be dissopointed if this was Jack’s purpose.

  3. I agree. I still don’t buy the whole “we can change things” idea. this might be just because I think it would be lame plot device but also…

    for me, the central point of interest in the show has been the concept of fate. That everyone crashed on the island for a reason, that they’re all connected, that they all have a job to do and a reason to be there.

    Jack isnt trying to help the island. He’s trying to erase his own personal pain and suffering. And if he’s able to do it….well LOST would have a loooooooong way to go next season to explain why they went the most predictable time travel route ever.

    But I don’t think that’s what they’ll do. I totally agree with you stone. Jack causes the incident. Dan said exactly what he needed to say to make Jack do it. Because everyone knows that Jack like to feel sorry for himself, and if erasing the last three years of everyones life without consulting anyone to see if they might mind is the ultimate poor me act.

    “It just sucked so much to get cheated on that I have to set of this a-bomb! wahhhhhh!”

    on another note, was anyone else feeling compelled to punch jack in the face last night?

  4. Yeah, ‘cuz you can tell by the way everyone was looking at the bomb with question marks surrounding their heads, this is gonna’ be a controlled detonation – like an Archie comic. Jack must be Jughead.

    Hellllll-oooooo – this IS nuclear physics.

  5. yeah I know, that’s another thing…Jack’s striding around in that temple like Indiana Jones or something and the whole time I’m thinking, now what Jack? Did they teach you to detonate a-bombs in med school?

  6. Up until last night I had my doubts about Jack causing the incident because it didn’t seem that Chang would listen to Dan’s warning… but he did and it seems he even go through to Radzinsky… but at this point either Radzinsky will go ahead with drilling anyway and cause the incident or Jack will cause it while he’s trying to place the bomb…

  7. I still think Radzinsky can be that nut w/ the patch.

    Our losties definitely cause the incident. I can’t wait til next week. 🙂

  8. Yes, I wanted to punch Jack.

    Yes, I think he is one of the most short-sighted characters, actually being written even worse than before…

    And yes, I think the ultimate irony that is coming his way is that he causes his plane to crash and thus set in motion all the”misery” that he so desperately wants to erase.

  9. Yeah, and when he realizes that he’s caused all of his own misery and now realized that he’s chased Kate away… that’s going to be one hell of a Jack Face.

  10. stone, I am inclined to agree with you, and what everyone else has been saying, as well.

    It appears, that Jack is still in “I can fix it and make it right” mode. I think he has learned very little from his past!

    While he believes this is his destiny, he is still blind sighted by his own desire to be the one who makes things right.

    Instead of following his instincts, he is still following the same old script, that got him into so much turmoil all of his life.

    I think it is a stretch, to think Jack will be able to succeed. I don’t think it is a stretch to believe that Jack will be the cause of further suffering.

    After all, that’s what he seems to do best!

    Great post!

  11. Jack simply sucks!

    He is too annoying of a character, he even manages to be worst than Kate. These two really deserve each other.

    I’m pretty sure that he won’t change a thing, in fact he will just make things as they were suppose to be or worst.

  12. I think they are setting it up for the big “talk” between Christian and Jack…maybe that is the only thing that can affect Jack. We saw that Mile’s interactions with his dad, and especially seeing his dad force him and his mom off the island, will most likely change Mile’s future because his anger and lack of compassion for people will be able to grow. Perhaps the same can happen for Jack. Or, maybe Christian, Claire, and Jack are meant to be a “dead” family on the island! (kidding)

  13. burningstar, maybe i misunderstood your comment about miles and how he was/will be affected by seeing his father force him and his mother off the island. But I thought that Miles finally understood why his father treated his mother they way he did. Before he did not understand why his father “abandoned” them, but now he realizes that he had to force them off the island. He did it because he cared for them. This is also supported by the scene in an earlier episode which portrayed the doctor as a very loving and caring father.

  14. I have’nt seen lost lately but from what i’ve read it seems like the bomb will be detonated but will go into a state of limbo because of the exotic nature of the island.I think what will happen is we will see someone detonate the bomb and it will explode,but then during the first second of the explosion it’ll freeze in time in some way.And so after this event, the swan station will be connected to this anomaly in some way to make it stable.Energy that is emmitted from this anomoly will be the electromagnetic, and will have to be vented every 108 minutes.This event/incident will be what causes the island to become what everyone knows it to have been all the time.I think this bomb is the paradox which started everything,the exotic matter being the main product.All events after the explosion will be a product of it.Do you see what i mean.People being able to go back and forth in time after this event will be what causes this event in the past to occur.Detonating the bomb will complete the cycle of events which made the island what it is.Not detonating the bomb will mean the special qualities of the island will dissipate eventually, and return the island to its original/normal state.This is all just speculation so i’m going to add that whoever detonates the bomb will die but will continue to exist outside of time as a cloud of smoke.If i were to bet on who will detonate the bomb i’d put my money on john locke.He has turned out to be the one that makes the most mistakes and he’s just plain foolhardy…..yeah my moneys on locke..

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