Where did the temple and statue come from?

This may have been asked before, but I have not found it specifically. I like reading many of you guys’ theories. Has anyone theorized on how the statue and the temple that Ben (wounded child) is taken into by Richard? Both appeared to be way older than even 1950’s military expedition era.

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One thought on “Where did the temple and statue come from?

  1. Yeah, there’s a ton of stuff on this. It all seems to be solidly Egyptian stuff, although some of the temples specifically have elements from other cultures as well. Several people, myself included, believe this means that it’s actually all Atlantis stuff. There’s another big theory that the island represents an Egpytian island of the dead, a physical place where the Egyptian god Anubis is actually alive and weighs men’s souls. The creative staff of LOST have done a very very good job in making sure that the hieroglyphs are authentic Egyptian. (something that very few even high budget movies bother with) This would really seem to push towards that. Although other architectural elements point to Hindu, Thai Khmer and other ancient civilizations. In one episode, Jack is shown erasing a lesson on the DHARMA chalk board of Egyptian history and hieroglyphic translation. And don’t forget, the Others all speak Latin. What does all of that mean? Your guess is as good as mine!

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