Smokey/Evil Locke/Cerberus/Jacob’s Enemy

Ok, after doing some research and having the identity of the statue revealed by ABC themselves in their episode recap, I have deduced that Smokey is the Egyptian god of evil and general unpleasantness, Apep. Apep was associated with the underworld, and was sometimes referred to as an eater-of-souls. Hmmm, sound like anyone we know? If you haven’t already read the recap, the statue is confirmed to be Tawaret, Apep’s wife. Also worshipped to protect pregnant women. How much you want to bet the destruction of that statue is related to the fertility problem on the island? Oh, and Apep was in a constant struggle with none other than Ra himself.
But allow me to clarify, I don’t think the writers would simply have a collection of Egyptian gods running around on the island. So I’d guess whatever these deities are, they have been called many things over many years. Just a thought, so go easy as it is my first post. I have plenty more where this came from, though.

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12 thoughts on “Smokey/Evil Locke/Cerberus/Jacob’s Enemy

  1. Can you provide a link of where it “confirms” that Tawaret is the statue? Looks more like Sobek to me. I am interested in reading the information that you reference here.

  2. Strangest thing I ever did see. I have never seen a depiction of Tawaret with a crocodile face. She is almost always depicted with a hippo face. She does have a back of a crocodile, but not face. I wonder, are they messing with us here? Or am I just crazy and only think my college education and research led me to believe that Sobek was the only Egyptian deity with a crocodile face?
    I need a drink….

  3. i think your right, the smoke monster has something to do with Apep because Apep and Taweret are very connected!

    Apep was viewed as a long snake or lizard, dark and evil. The smoke monster could be a mondern day giant snake covered by evil smoke! It does move like a snake!

  4. As far as Sobek is concerned, I had the same thought. The only problem is that Sobek really doesn’t do anything, or have any significant ties to anything. So he’s the god of crocodiles. We haven’t seen any crocodiles. Maybe that will be the big reveal; the entire island is controlled by super intelligent crocs! Now if he were the god of polar bears, i might buy into it.

  5. Actually….

    Rock I am not trying to argue your point at all, I did look at the link you gave and if ABC says it is Tawaret, I believe it is Tawaret. The funny thing is, I originally was on the Tawaret boat until we actually saw the statue then I said “No way is that Tawaret.” Lol. But I just wanted to clarify a few things about Sobek. I am putting a quote here from the internet that I found when doing my research on Sobek:

    “Sobek’s ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself, for example, going to Duat to restore damage done to the dead as a result of their form of death. He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situation, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part. In this way, he was seen as a more primal god, eventually becoming regarded as an avatar of the primal god Amun, who at that time was considered the chief god. When his identity finally merged, Amun had become merged himself with Ra to become Amun-Ra, so Sobek, as an avatar of Amun-Ra, was known as Sobek-Ra.”

    The fact that it has a croc face, (and by the way, Sobek is depicted with ears) and the references to Ra and “nudging things along” rather than taking an active role in changing the outcome of the present is what kinda made it make sense to me.

    I cant imagine that would have incorrect information in it’s show synopsis though, so I guess I was wrong. Damn.

    All of that aside, here is my ultimate question with the statue – If the statue was Tawaret this whole time, why all the secrecy? Why tease us with a foot, and then a view from behind, and then a view from the side of the statue? Why not show it to us in the first place? Why all the secrecy and suspense just to show us an Egyptian statue? We knew there were Egyptian ties and we knew that the island had fertility concerns, so why would we be shocked to see that they had a statue of Tawaret on the island? It makes so much sense that it is actually confusing, if you ask me. Lost gives us huge plot points a bit at a time to build up suspense and eventually reward us with a huge reveal for us to discuss wildy on forums. That is what I love about Lost. But this statue thing – honestly, what a let down, ya know? Sorry to go on a long rant on your theory (your theory is a sound one, by the way) but it just really bugs me! I have lurked this site for a while (but only recently started commenting) and I respect everyone’s opinion on here (a far bit more than I have ever respected other sites since my old site seems to have been taken down) so I thought it was worth venting here to see what you all thought when you found out the identity of the “mysterious 4 toed statue.”

    What say you? 🙂

  6. I looked up Apep on Wikipedia after reading your theory and I think you’re onto something. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the similaritites between Apep and Smokey, especially the menacing roar. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed that a lot of times before Smokey grabs some unlucky person he rises up and the shape of the smoke looks like the outline of a cobra. Rewatch “This Place Is Death” and “The 23rd Psalm’, it’s really noticable in those two episodes.

  7. abnerash, i’d guess you used to visit too. Shame about the trollishness that took over. If I sounded defensive, its only because i went down the same train of thought you did. I agree, it does seem odd that after 5 seasons they just tell us what we already knew, albeit with specifics. Yes, we guessed it was an egyptian statue; yes, we knew egyptian stuff was all over the place. If it had been a statue of Cthulhu, then I would have been surprised. Disappointed and let down, but surprised. Lol. It would’ve been a great twist though.

  8. I Think Jacob is actually apep
    look at what you have to do the beat him
    does any of this sound familiar, like locke kicjing jacob with his left foot into the fire?
    “Apep was not so much worshipped, as worshipped against. His defeat each night, in favour of Ra, was thought to be ensured by the prayers of the Egyptian priests and worshipers at temples. The Egyptians practiced a number of rituals and superstitions that were thought to ward off Apep, and aid Ra to continue his journey across the sky.

    In an annual rite, called the Banishing of Apep, priests would build an effigy of Apep that was thought to contain all of the evil and darkness in Egypt, and burn it to protect everyone from Apep’s influence for another year, in a similar manner to modern rituals such as Zozobra.

    The Egyptian priests even had a detailed guide to fighting Apep, referred to as The Books of Overthrowing Apep or (in Greek) the Book of Apophis.[5] The chapters described a gradual process of dismemberment and disposal, and include:

    Spitting Upon Apep
    “Defiling Apep with the Left Foot ”
    Taking a Lance to Smite Apep
    Fettering Apep
    Taking a Knife to Smite Apep
    “Laying Fire Upon Apep “

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