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Ok so this is just something interesting i come across while i was researching something else and i thought i would share this with you, i dout this will hold any revelence to the show but here i go anyway. By the way if you are interested i found this on lostpedia.

The very first person who gets killed in the show, the man who gets sucked into the propeller in the pilot was called gary troup he was the author of the book the bad twin. The 1 that sawyer finds and reads and jack throws on the fire before he gets to finish it. But also interesting he was the author of another book about the vallenzi equation the book that alver hanzo bought all the rights to and stoped any more prints being made in the lost experience. i thought that this was interesting how he wrote a book about it and then died on the island that was trying to change the equation. Another good snippet of info is that he was also in a relationship with cindy chandler the air hostess on the plane who ended up as part of the others group.

So their you go what do you guys think like i said its not ground breaking info and wont change anything in the show but i thought it was good fun and i would share it with you all to ponder.

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4 thoughts on “Information for you to ponder with

  1. Samson, although the writers claim that anything from the Lost Experience, etc., is not canon, I think the exception lies within the book itself.

    There are references to be inferred from ‘Bad Twin’, which I think applies to the overall concept of Lost.

    The ‘duality’ of two opposing sides or views.

    Nice catch!

  2. Banlinus I kinda figured that but I never did the whole lost experiance thing I came across this when I was researching something else and I found it quite interesting so I thought I would share it with other people who didn’t no about it too

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