palm reader, mind bending motives?

ive been wacthing the first episodes again, as i havent watched them since they first hit the oggle box.

and it was rally god to watch it, the hindsight aspect was very intriguing!

but to my point. when claire visits the palm reading and he gets spooked and cannot carry one. we later find out that he saw something that meant claire had to protect her baby and so on and soforth

my only quam with it all, was when he told claire he had got a suitable couple in america to take her baby, and that she HAD to get the flight, ” it must be that flight!” (816)
this leads me to think say for instance, the palm reader did have a suitable couple, why would she HAVE to get THAT flight? its not as if they were only going to meet her off that flight or they were going to spontaneaously combust or anything.

so, we can assume the palm reader perhaps knew that she had to get on that flight, for some reason. did he know about the plane crash?

hark back to the newest series, and elouis hawking said to the lost crew, “it must be that flight”, which is the same thing the palm reader suggested.
now, moving onto jacob, we saw him visit the lost crew as youngsters and in present.

is it possible, jacob was grooming claire as well, did jacob pay any amount of money to claries boyfriend to leave claire, inturn making her go back to the palm reader and take the flight?

the mind boggles…..(agaain)

ps. thank you teresa you made me think of ths with your ‘grooming’ phrase!


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38 thoughts on “palm reader, mind bending motives?

  1. losts-columbo, I know many people have dismissed the psychic as a hoax, but I have always disagreed with the notion, and/or that of anyone bribing him to place Claire on the flight.

    He definitely saw what he saw in Claire’s future, and made certain she was placed on #815.

    I believe he knew the plane was going to crash, and I also believe he wanted Clarie on ‘the island’. As for his statement, that she alone must raise Aaron and not anyone else, I also believe this is true.

    However, what we don’t know is, were his statements for the good or not!

    If Aaron is in some danger being present on ‘the island’, he is better off not being there. Again, how do we know that this is the truth?

    Maybe, Aaron is supposed to be on ‘the island’.

    I cannot dismiss the importance of Aaron, as he is part of ‘The Sheppard Family’. I think they are instrumental to the story.

    Great theory!

  2. hmmm. interesting. Good point about the flight times. Now that you mention Jacob… When we see him visiting all the people, like Kate as a child, and to tell hurley he is not crazy, we never do see him visit Claire do we?

    I know this is not answering your question but it reminds me of a few things…
    The psychic is seen later when Mr Eko investigates that Miracle of the girl drowning, which Eko and the church dismiss. It turns out the girls dad is that same psychic… which he admits to being a fake, that he finds out info on people and exploits it. I do think the Girl actually dies because later she comes and finds Mr Eko, when he is leaving at the airport and tells Eko that she saw Yemi.

    on an interesting side note… in season 3 ep 8 ‘flashes before your eyes’ When desmond is in his past, years before any of the island stuff happened or Claire was pregnant, there is a scene where Desmond is in Whidmore’s office, There hang’s a painting by Claire’s boyfriend. A painting that has not been painted yet… so maybe it is whidmore who somehow gets claire onto the island or whidmore who pays the psychic… just a thought.

  3. you know when to holdem! know when to caulfield them?…..hi!

    thanks for bringing up the part where the girls dad turns out to be the palm reader, i forgot to add tha in so thank you very much!

    its weird how he cropped up again isnt it? perhaps it was intentional, to show that he was definently up to something fishy….


  4. ddcasale, I am pretty certain that the terminology used was that she (Claire), should be the only one to raise her child.

    Small difference I know, but I didn’t relate it to ‘the others’.

    losts-columbo, I had always wondered if, old Widmore had paid Thomas to ‘dump’ poor Claire, to make her more amenable for travel!

  5. dd scale, i know what you mean, and you answered my question anyway, i know there was know one on the other side, i was just pontificating the fact that his sentence off, “it must be that flight” waas what hawking said, and that in a real world it wouldnt HAVE to be that flight! you get me bruv?


  6. dabs my dear, your comment finally appeared!

    im rewatching lost, and i need to find outabot aaron, as i havent even seen most of the series’, so i shall comment on aaron when i feel i have the facts! ahha!! sorry!

    i like the thought of widmore doing the payoff, as he was with hawking, i guess that wold suggest the very similiar comment she and the palm reader made, so some good connections!

    ultimatly, i was just wondering if this was say a jacob moment weve yet to see, but i know we wont see it as a jacob visiting moment, but! it works if it was!


  7. losts-columbo, you sound so comfortable with Lost, I keep forgetting that one tiny detail. lol

    Yes, thankfully my comment finally showed up!

    No relationship was ever confirmed between Widmore and Thomas, but it’s as good as any guess!

    I never even considered Jacob, but we don’t know what/if relationship Widmore may have or had with Jacob. So, that is an interesting thought!

    I am still trying to work out how he and Ms. Hawking all tie into this whole new scenario with Jacob.

  8. darn, i just posted this somewhere else, it gets hard to keep everything straight here, so many theories and threads…

    the thing i posted was someone had said that Jacob and Whidmore would be opposing forces (i think, lol) to which i didn’t agree based on a few things…

    Ben prematurely ousts Whidmore as the leader.

    Whidmore spends a great deal of time and energy trying to get back.

    When Locke enters the cabin with Ben he hears the help me plea

    When Locke leaves the island Whidmore contacts him.

    Ben eventually Kills jacob.

    Whidmore and Ben Hate each other.

    So the only thing that is confusing us all is….

    Whose voice did Locke hear?

    We see christian (Although i only remember seeing christian later, i don’t remember seeing Christian in the scene with Locke and Ben)

    Illana comes to the cabin and says someone else has been using it, again, we dont know who and more importantly we dont know since when someone has been using the cabin.

    So did Locke hear Jacobs voice, Christians voice, MIB’s Voice or some as yet unidentified person?

    also, who put the ash around the cabin?

    Did Locke do it? was it there when Hurley ran into it? I cannot remember.

    I think Whidmore is helping Jacob IF Jacob is who Locke heard in the cabin.

  9. I know this isn’t the right place but screw it…

    Maybe Linus has something to do with this whole fake Locke thing, even tho it doesn’t seem that way…

    for example…
    We all know Ben does not want to leave and would never leave given the choice…

    We know Christian tells Locke to move the Island which Locke then gets Ben to do it, and then later Christian tells Locke when Locke moves it “No, I told YOU to move the Island… since when has listening to ben done anything other than cause trouble(or something like that)”

    So now all of a sudden, Ben is willing to leave the Island to ‘help’ Locke.


    Ben then kills Locke/Bentham because he had ‘vital’ information… the name of Eloise Hawking… the one who knows how to get back…clearly related to Whidmore (although she may be now helping linus to spite Whidmore – dont remember what they argued about something about their child)

    So I think Ben has more to do with fake locke and the events transpiring than we think, and I am now wondering if Ben intentionally moved the wheel off its Axis to cause the time skipping which we can only speculate as to why he would do this. Given his past and his lies I think its all possible.

  10. sorry dont mean to flood this thread, but now after thinking of all what i just said, I finally am starting to see why some people think MIB has control over smokey…
    It is becoming clear that despite Bens ‘loyalty’ he clearly has some of his own intentions… like killing Locke (which never made sense to me since locke was going to kill himself, yeah ok the vital info thing, but still)


    If Ben is bad for the island then why hasn’t the smoke monster taken him? why did it judge him and let him live?

    seriously? season 6 does not start till jan?
    this is not fair. I think i just confused myself.

  11. The palm reader…when he did meet with Eko and admitted that he was a fake, his daughter had literally risen from the dead with a very impressive ability-the full extent of which was never disclosed. Is it possible that this con man later discovered his daughters ability, and used it to his advantage in his own business? Could it be that his message/insistence for Claire to be on 815 really came from his daughter? I do believe that someone in his corner knew 815 was going to crash, and this was the perfect way to make certain that Claire was the one to raise Aaron.

  12. What? Don’t I give you enough positive reinforcement?? lol haha

    Looks like you’re doing a good job of it yourself. Carry on! lol

  13. haha! well it doesnt matter about the other folks, i was thinking the other day, its a bit far fetched, but..when lost is finished, after it all, how amazing would it be for us all to meet up in real life, put some faces to the words! i think that would be amazing!


  14. haha And a little scary too, I might add! lol As long as everyone passes the ‘sanity and criminal background checks’! haha

    I would definitely like to be in personal touch with some people, for sure!

  15. haha! yeah thats true, im perfectly insane! i mean sane!

    but it would be kind of weird, getting a PLANE to see each other, but it would be amazing i think! we could all meet on figi!


  16. well, I met my wife last year playing poker online. Best thing that ever happened. I admit when I drove 2 states away to meet her I was afraid I was going to wake up missing a kidney.

    if people meet up we need 324 people including the flight crew. We leave from Sydney and fly to L.A. hahaha!

  17. losts-columbo, after Lost concludes, you might not have too many people willing to go to an island, depending on how that all ends! lol

    I share many of the same fears as Holdem! I too value my kidneys! haha lol

    Just kidding! In theory it is a great idea!

  18. haha! no vip as in…you rich lost fans will pay me, and you can come to the secret island (scotland), and hang out then nfly home, happy and content!


  19. losts-columbo, as long as it’s not in your Dharma Van that we have to stay, I might be interested! haha

    PS: I have no cash! haha lol

    Holdem, you crack me up!

  20. aw cool! then you would have much to travel, you can be the first vip, get the boat to stranraer, and hop up to glasgow! haha!

    and i figure if your saying that were related, then i think i can guess which part of ireland your from! haha!


  21. losts-columbo, I am not motivated at all by money! I make my own, and have enough!

    If I wanted/needed a man, money would be the last thing I would need one for!

    I spit out my water because you suggested I was a prostitute! haha lol

  22. oh come on now dabs! i was meerly suggesting a spot of prostituion to pay for your flights to scotland! i never suggested you were one! ahahah!

    the last thing you need for man, is nothing really! as they dont do anything according to the ‘gossip’ magazines!


  23. losts-columbo, I have every respect for men, ans am not one of ‘those’ kind of women. I truly enjoy men. Just don’t want/need there $$$. lol

    If I need to fly, I can fly on my own dime! Not to worry!

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