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This is not nessessarily a theory , more the start of a thought that others (cleverer than i) could expand upon. I apologise if this has already been discussed………

Charlie pace’s middle name (season 3,episode 8) is ‘Hieronymus’, the Greek and Latin form of the name Jerome, means ‘sacred name’.

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  1. The names of the characters were created with purpose, or the very least homage. I bet these works were at least some inspiration. When the writers talk about the show, they usually give Stephen King’s The Stand as their biggest inspiration.

  2. Hello Smoke…

    Good thought here diving into the meaning of the name Charlie.

    I have actually considered a post along the lines of this myself, but with one addition, only I couldnt come up with anything else for a theory…

    So maybe this tidbit of info can further push you along your path…

    Charlie’s middle name, Hieronymus, means “sacred name” in Ancient Greek, and is a variant of the name “Geronimo”.

    …as in Geronimo Jackson.

    The fact that it is about a band that musician of the island has never heard of, and shares the same name (in meaning at least) could be some subtle clue to the importance of Geronimo Jackson.

    BTW, I have seen and studied the “Garden…” painting. And although very interesting, I couldnt find an exact relationship to Lost other than the actual name/interpretation of the painting.

    Also, dont sell yourself short as a theorist, this is a great thought going back to the roots of the show (name meanings), and could lead to something big.

    The painting and its three folds, holds (from wiki)…
    “The left panel depicts God presenting to Adam the newly created Eve, while the central panel is a broad panorama of sexually engaged nude figures, fantastical animals, oversized fruit and hybrid stone formations. The right panel is a hellscape and portrays the torments of damnation.”

    Also, there is a lot of interpretation that points to Eden, and the last judgement. And I feel that a relationship with judgement and Lost goes hand in hand.
    With judgement, comes the chance of redemption…and I think on and off Lost, almost everyone deserves a second chance…
    The question is…will the person make up for their past mistakes, and in the end, will it matter and effect the ultimate outcome?

    I think you should stay on this one, and see if you find a buried treasure.

    Nice job!

  3. Well, those are both very interesting whether it means Geronimo or Hieronymous.

    There are a lot of character connections relating to Geronimo.

    “Charlie and Hurley discovered a record of an extremely obscure music group called Geronimo Jackson that neither had heard of; Eddie Colburn was later seen by Locke to be wearing a shirt with the same album cover. He said it was his father’s. (“The Hunting Party”) (“Further Instructions”)”
    from lostpedia/character_connections

    I also wonder in flashes before your eyes when charlie, hurley and desmond are getting drunk and Charlie and Desmond join in saying ‘girls with one leg and heart of gold’ if it goes back to geronimo jackson since desmond was in the hatch forever and charlie and hurley find the album.

    I cannot find anything to back this up tho.
    nice thoughts though ‘brotha’s’

  4. just a thought to mull over…’Hieronymus’ is also an anagram for ‘Hume’s Irony’-such as Desmond Hume…like the ‘Hoffs Drawlar’ funeral home was actually ‘flash forward’…the writers love to do stuff like this! musicians of all levels seem to abound on this island…the following have all been seen playing piano: charlie, jack, ben, Sun as a child, daniel faraday.

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