The “explosion”

In season 5, at the start, Dr. Chang told the worker to not drill any further into the wall, because they will hit a pocket of energy and “all hell would break loose”.

I think at the end of season 5, it wasnt an explosion, it was a flash. I think the bomb did infact explode, but all it did was open up the energy underneath the future Swan station.

So what I am saying is, I think it was a flash, which would lead to a number of things – Jacob perhaps alive again, Juliet perhaps alive again (if she is infact dead), Locke alive again. But I do not know what will happen to the MIB?

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4 thoughts on “The “explosion”

  1. There has been debate on whether the bomb goes off or doesn’t. To me it doesn’t really matter. With the unique energy at the swan site, it is entirely possible that the bomb did detonate yet didn’t destroy the island.
    After all, I don’t think it was Daniel’s goal to destroy the island.

  2. i was just gona post this as a theory, im glad i spotted this first.

    the inverted logo at the end, and the white flash do make me think that they’re having one last time travel.. i know the writers said that there’d be no time travel in season 6, but how else will they get back to the future (great scot!)

    it got me thinking about the video that locke watched in the orchid ” don’t put metal into the room”.. i know that *indirectly* leads to ben moving the island/time travel, but i think with the H-bomb, (and all the metal down there) it makes one last flash..
    i dont believe juliet dies, and i dont think any of the other losties die either..

  3. I dont think Daniel’s intention was to blow up the island either, but considering some of the Losties reasons for going back, you never truly know.
    But, if the bomb did infact go off, it might not have destroyed the island, especially when it is against a load of unique electromagnitism.

    I was just thinking: If the writers have said there would be no time-travel in season 6, how the hell are the ’77 Losties going to get back to 2007?

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