Something I don’t think anyone has ever thought of before

Has anyone thought of the possibility of Mikhail Bakunin being immortal. We know that the island can heal paralysis and cancer, it can also make people ageless like Richard Alpert. We thought Mikhail died when John threw him in those sonic fences, but he was alive to alert Ben about Naomi. Then we thought he died when Des shot him in the chest, but he was alive to kill Charlie. What if he died twice, but then came back? What if he didn’t die with Charlie and came back to living and is now in hiding?

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12 thoughts on “Something I don’t think anyone has ever thought of before

  1. hi ddcasle, i really have no idea? but just like achalli, it really wouldnt suprise me to see him again? maybe the mikhail we keep seeing is from different time lines so thats why he keeps reapearing? just like there was two richards on the island at one time in season 6? maybe its the work of jacob? or hes not supposed to die? so each time he is killed it doesnt change his future because thats not what the universe wants to happen? or something like that anyway, haha. he could be some sort of superhuman person and have some kind of powers or something that protect him???who knows man? its good to guess though,haha. eko rocks

  2. I don’t remember two Richards at the same time. Many John Lockes though.
    I remember thinking it was hard to kill this guy, in reference to Mikhail.

  3. i like this idea maybe yhe island isnt finished with him and he still has work to do. eko rocks can you remind me when their was 2 richards i not sure i remember that

  4. Smart question ddcasale – I think we have to be prepared for another visit from Mikhail in Season 6. In season 4 Mikhail says something like the follwing:
    “You’ve already killed me twice before, I’m sure I’ll rise once more.”

  5. i figured that when he went through the sonic fence – as it was still on – that he was wearing earplugs (like ethan’s mom was,amy?) and thats why he didnt die.. he just made it look like he died. but someone (ben?) has said that dead is dead.. once u die, theres no coming back… but who knows.. maybe he never experienced anyone dying and reincarnated/ressurected, so he doesnt know it could happen..

  6. When he explained to Ben what happened, he said that the fence was set to stun, and not kill… But that could have been a lie to cover up his immortality I suppose.

  7. The producers confirmed in a pod cast that Mikhail is dead following the series 3 finale and the question being asked over and over again, is Mikhail still alive?. he is not immortal, he is dead as dead as a duck in a chinease restruant!

  8. Mikhail died only once, not three times. Like what Mouse7989 said, Mikhail said the fence wasn’t set to a lethal level and so he survived. Although when he was shot by Desmond he appeared to be dead he really wasn’t… Mikhail probably didn’t die instantly from the shot with that weird arrow/hook gun thing. He probably summoned enough energy to go out and set off the grenade. The writers knew Charlie had to die but since the viewers basically knew that he was going to drown the writers probably wanted to throw in a little twist on how the room would fill up with water which is where Mikhail comes in. He probably died with a combination of the arrow/hook gun thing wound and the grenade blast.

  9. Because I’m stupid and write before I look up stuff…but basically that’s what it says on Lostpedia as well. That the fence wasn’t set to a lethal level and that the he survived the spear gun shot long enough to detonate the grenade which kills him…

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