Poseidon, Zues, Hades-Sons of Kronos-The Immortals

Has anyone considered that Lost is about the ‘Lost’ city of Atlantis and the Greek gods that ruled it? These gods were immortal and we know that Jacob, MIB and Richard are very, very old and yet look so young. I’m not sure which character is which god but It could go something like this…Jacob-Poseidon, MIB-Hades, Jack-Zues, Ben (or Whitmore)-Kronos. Remember, Kronos ate (killed his children). Could Kate, Juliet and Charlotte be the daughters of Kronos?

Remember all of the Egyptian heiroglyphics we’ve seen so far? Remember the Egyptian history lesson on the chalk board in season 5? A quick review of ancient Egyptian civilization reminds us that the Greek Isles were in fact colonized by who? Yes, ancient Egyptians.

And don’t forget about Jacobs tapestry. Those symbols, artwork and writing were? Yes, Greek.

I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks about this theory. Maybe I’m way out there! Who knows?

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26 thoughts on “Poseidon, Zues, Hades-Sons of Kronos-The Immortals

  1. When Desmond and Donavon are in the pub during “Flashes Before Your Eyes” there is a soccer game on the TV. If you recall, there are sponsorship banners all around the field. All of which have been mentioned at some point on the show… Oceanic, The Hanso Foundation, Buddies Diapers, Apollo, and Expose.

    But, there was one banner that stood out because the show has NEVER made any reference to it before or after that episode.

    It was KRONOS Titandioxide.

    So, there “may” actually be something to your theory.

  2. wow really nice. certainly seems to have some merit.

    on a sidenote, Atlantis is buried under antarctica, along with Noah’s ark. It happened due to the melting of the polar ice caps which causes the earth to wobble more than it does. eventually the equlibrium gets so crazy that the entire crust of the planet shifts over the core so that africa for example ends up being centered at the north pole. Everything Flash freezes, chaos ensues, millions die and whatever survivors there are repopulate the planet. Evidence of this can be seen in the peri-reis map of Antarctica which was discovered in the 13th century, a perfect map of the antarctic coastline which is buried under miles of ice. Modern man could not achieve this until the invention of Sonar. Unless of course, it was not always buried under ice. Other evidence which suggests this is bears which have been found buried under ice frozen so quickly that the berries in their mouths and stomach had not even digested, berries which only grew in warm climates. Yet further evidence is seen on the water marks of the sphinx in Egypt, watermarks which suggest sideways movement, being glaciers, which further points to one thing… our understanding of when modern man (tool yielding) and the great pyramids were originated. History beliefs this to be somewhere in the range of 11,000 bc to 8,000 bc but they are much much older than that. tens of thousands of years. interestingly enough, even in our modern age man could not reproduce the pyramids with the precision the ancients did. They also incorporated all sorts of math equations and their knowledge of such into the architecture, knowledge of pi, the golden ratio etc. as if to communicate through the ages and language barriers, they say math is the universal language. The great pyramid of Giza and the two with it correspond perfectly to three stars in the Orion belt. They are perfectly built in ratio to each other, the size of themselves and the size of the stars… all in an age when people supposedly believed the world was flat and the earth was the center of the universe (at least we did 9,000 years afterwards; copernicus, galileo) HAHAHAHA! One theory suggests that the ancients built the pyramids to explain to us from which age they came. each of the pyramids have vents which have baffled researchers for years. The stars in the sky move due to something called precession of the equinox’s or at least thats what we call it. (this is why the mayan calender ends on 12/23/2012 its a new age – the age of Aquarius) someone figured out if you took each of the three pyramids and looked out the vent it would point somewhere in the sky. If you take the pyramid that corresponds to the star in the orion belt, there is one point in time that all three pyramids would point to the star they represent. Someone used a computer to figure this out, and the date was way way older than 10,000 bc. I cannot remember what it was, it may have been 22,000 bc or even 100,000 bc.

    This is where secret societies such as the free masons stem from. When the caps melt and the continents shift, millions die in the earthquakes and such and the world resorts to barbarianism and within a few generations most knowledge is lost. People forget about computers because they have to go out and hunt etc etc. All with the exception of a small few who have retained all the knowledge. They simply bide their time and sit back in the backgrounds controlling everything. They re-invent everything and become the ultra rich. They dictate when we get new stuff. Think about it. How easy would it be if you had knowledge of gunpowder when everyone else was throwing sticks and stones. When everyone else gets guns, you come out with rockets. when people get rockets you have nukes. when they have nukes you have biological warfare which no one suspects. Its similar to lost. Its a game that plays itself over and over. Its also similar to the fall of Zion in the matrix, he says it has fallen like 12 times already. anyways, the free-masons date back to the egyptians. They were the builders of the first banks. When people wanted to travel from spain to italy they put money in a templar bank there, got a special wax sealed deal and took it to a templar bank in italy where they withdrew their funds for a small fee. This is where banks come from and we all know the banks own everything. numerous presidents belonged to the freemasons as well as another even more secret, more diabolical group The skull and crossbone society (the bones). Bush is a member. So was Hitler. they have occult rituals. They determine future events before they happen and control the masses. Try looking up: the Project for the New American Century. They said “their stated goals would never be realized ‘absent some catastrophic catalyzing event

  3. easyrider69, ‘the island’ lends itself nicely to the whole mythology of Atlantis, ‘the lost island’, in the sense that it has never been located in the real world.

    Our island on Lost, exists somewhere in the space/time continuum. I think it would be a very nice way to ‘marry’ the two and give it some believability on both sides.

    Holdem Caulfield, it sounds like you are an enthusiast of The Illuminati and other Secret Organizations. AES and myself have had many discussions in this regard over the past season, as we are also believers.

    I have a theory entitled, “Richard, Ben, The Temple, and The All Seeing Eye” which you may find interesting!

  4. Hodem you and I seem to have a lot of similar interests. I’ve always wondered if the Illuninati could be tied into this.

    Easyrider69 I agree with you that this is a strong possibility. I just want to remind everyone that the Greeks heard about Atlantis from the Egyptians.

  5. dabs i just read your other post, it was interesting… it certainly received a lot of comments as well as some of your other posts.

    i think i expected the same result i always get: ‘you’re crazy’ so dabs, sinster and achalli it’s nice to see some free thinking people out there as well.

    I got an idea. Maybe the island is the battle VS the societies rather than part of the society. Remember whats his name says we are the good guys, and we are the guys that are going to win? well i think we agree the masons are not the good guys, lol. and the only reason i think this, and i don’t even think it a lot but i certainly cant help it a little is all within regard to law.

    masons started the banks…

    banks own everything, including you… which is why you have a social security number if U.S.

    It is why we say we are free yet, we need a marriage license (permission) to marry, a license to travel (D.L. or passport) and we pay taxes on things we own. you pay your house off but you still pay tax on the land. To own anything outright is called Allodial (spelling?) entitlement which means you own it, completely. The only state which allows this is Texas (and it still aint easy. When a car is made it gets a birth certificate, an M.O.S. when you buy it they ship it to the bank, they micro-film it and destroy the original. This is why you need tags. They say possession is 9/10’s of the law… because the state owns that other 1/10. When you ship a good overseas you say it is delivered, hmmm, just like a baby. This all stems from the difference between the law of the land and Maritime laws. All the land is owned, however water… it moves. No one owns the water. When a ship sinks its finders keepers (cant think of the name of this).
    So anyways my point is… If you wanted to actually start your own country or truly be free there is only one place you could do it… the ocean.

    So, maybe the island was created as a last place that the secret societies didn’t have their greedy hands in. Maybe this is why everyone wants to find it so damn bad… so they can tax it and own it hahaha.

    this is really just a loose theory and it does not tie in all that well considering. but like i said, i couldn’t help thinking it. at the very least i think it raises some interesting question with regards to our own society.

    so how about it? who wants to build a floating island with me? down with big brother!

    oh, you know that all seeing eye on the dollar bill? I know you guys know all about their ties, its blatantly obvious, well… if you draw a star within that circle the 5 points each hit one letter each on the writing around it. guess which letters? M. A. S. O. N. lol. seriously go look. maybe not in that order but its them i tell ya.

  6. maybe whidmore defected when they ousted him, went to the masons and said hey, i know of this magical island… lol.

    seriously i do not think this is where the writers are going but its fun.

  7. Holdem Caulfield, I think there are some like-minded individuals on this site!

    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    There is a really cool site you might be interested in viewing. It is called The Black Vault. You do have to join, but it is well worth it! There is so much information on a variety of levels. It is eye-opening.

  8. Dabs, I think i have been there, ive been to so many in the last 15 years lol. I will check it out again, there is always some bs to sift through, i believe in a lot of the conspiracy theories but certainly not all… i have a really hard time believing david Eicke and the reptilian thing, i think he does it to discredit the rest of us… so people look and say “see, just a bunch of nutcases.” If i have not commented on your other post im just thinking stuff over still.

    would be cool to talk to you and achalli and whoever else somewhere sometime. gotta go drive my step-daughter half way to arkansas, be back later…

  9. Hey Holden-

    I believe in many of the theories myself. I even believe crazy David Icke (to a certain extent.)

    I just wanted to say, your theory and your recent comment goes w/ why it was so IMPORTANT that the LOST (Law of the Seas Treaty) never passed. (Look at the irony of the name.) I’m loving this…

  10. Dabs, ok, I have not been on the black vault.
    “Hey mikey, I think he likes it!”

    thanks for the link.

    oh, and thanks for leading me to yet another site where I will read something that either makes me so mad, or worries me so much i will not sleep right for months at a time.

    hahaha, totally kidding. all i need for that is the nightly news.

    im awake. and it sucks!

    “Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”

    because i care. that’s why.

    and yes, to answer your question, I’m a firm opposer of the illuminati. forget about belief. I’m well beyond that.

    thanks again for the link. i love spamming factual stuff to certain political party family members so they can tell me how wrong I am! HAHAHA!

  11. apologies for countless posts that could be condensed if i thought a little more before posting.

    Sinster, doesn’t it get you how everyone owns everything? Who the hell are we to say this group owns this mountain, this river, this land. Its everyone’s. da’ bastages.

    I never even heard the Lost treaty, but that is seriously awesome, i am still reading it.

    There is nothing I would love more than to see two brilliant writers who did not have their head up their a** suck a million plus viewers in only to expose them.

    that would be so awesome. sadly, i think, it wouldn’t matter. even if it did, i think its much too late now. who knows. I certainly wish sometimes people would just pick sides already and let the war begin. I do think they screwed up releasing the world wide web. too much sharing of information. maybe a dollar short a day late, ya know?

    and here i thought i could build my own island and be free. LOL.

  12. Holdem, well it’s nice to know I am in good company with a few of you. lol

    Glad you liked the site! It’s awesome! I am not responsible though, for any sleepless nights, or, Big Brother knocking on your door! haha lol


  13. I’ve read a couple of different science fiction books with a floating island in them. One was Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash which doesn’t qualify as the island seemed more a religious thing . But in David Brins’ book Earth the floating island is very much the place you described the last refuge for people who love freedom.

  14. lol, dabs, no, no you are not responsible.

    angus, ill have to check those out some time, at least the Brin’s Earth. sounds interesting.

    sorry easyrider for the free-parking in your thread. just made me think of that stuff.

    speaking of Egyptians, and Greeks, didn’t anyone find it interesting that so many of the stories in the old testament are so similar to Greek mythology?

    did you know, (my numbers may be a little off but pretty close) in the world there are 186 religions, and about 170 of them share the great flood story?

  15. sinster that LOST treaty is seriously cool, the link in the chain at least, not the treaty itself…

    its making me give more thought to this whole half-a** theory.

    in reverse of the warm climate bears found in antarctica, you have the cold climate polar bears on a tropical island and Tunisia. maybe it was in Antarctica, it thawed out due to global warming and floated away, bringing the polar bears, hahaha. (seriously, i think Dharma just brought the polar bears there to test and stuff)

    If only diff’rent strokes had been this good. people theorizing over who ‘the gooch’ really was, comparisons of backgammon and whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout willis replacing the what lies in the shadow of the statue.

    maybe it was and we missed the signs?

  16. whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout willis?

    Please don’t take this as a personal attack, I certainly believe that there are a lot of members of the freemasons that are great men, very good people, where you and I differ is that I don’t think they all know what is going on.

    You know the pyramid on the great seal? There is that break between the lower and the top where the all seeing eye is. You are in that bottom half. At 33rd degree mason, the so-called highest level, you are still on that top step of the bottom group. You will never become illuminated. Its at the top where the nasty stuff we talk about is going on.

    It’s hard to have a good debate over it because the masons are so good at keeping secrets so everything is speculation. I just somehow doubt they are somehow protecting us or serving our good.

    I will admit, i may be wrong, but i don’t think i am. and of course there is always the simple fact that they are theories. but theories are like myths…they come from somewhere for some reason.

    the debate i personally have had over freemasons has lasted nearly 14 years now. and in the end I cannot tell, if I could tell one way or the other i would either join em’ or fight them.

    but I will say this. There are 5 million masons worldwide. And for the sake of argument there are 2 sides, good or evil.

    well, masons have been around forever and since i cannot decide then let me look around at the world.

    either they are good and they are doing good work, or they are bad and they are doing bad work.

    if they are doing good work, they really suck at it because nothing has changed, in fact its getting worse.

    And if they are instead doing bad work, then it looks like they are doing a good job of it, and i will certainly say there are quite the number of geniuses amongst them.

    when i look at these two things and compare it to what i see around me, then the decision becomes less difficult.

    so that’s how i have to look at it, due to their secrecy. I think its a pretty fair assessment given the years of theorizing.

    I do believe in an illuminati, and i did say the bones were the more diabolical of the two groups. Where exactly the freemasons fit in i have not figured out yet.

    in the end, i want what you want, (I think) people to be happy and treat each other well. god bless.

  17. I’m a 33rd Degree Master Mason and I have served in numerous leadership positions. The pyramid is symbolic of man, the all-seeing eye is God. No one can be above or even equal to God.
    Freemasons, just as any other fraternity or organization, is made up of a lot of different people; most of them are great men, a small minority are not. If someone is in it for the wrong reasons, they usually don’t go very far in the organizations and don’t get selected to represent the other memebers in leadership roles, etc. It definitely isn’t “Evil” however it could maybe be described as the lightedst shade of grey since there are only a few who are in it for the wrong reasons.
    I’m also a Shriner and completed Scottish Rite.
    In addition to the fraternity being unable to keep out every person who joins for the wrong reasons, the public in general is suspicious of things they do not understand. I believe these are the primary reasons there are consipiracy theories.
    Masons donate millions upon millions of dollars to charaties every year and help out other brothers who are in dire need of help, or their widows/orphans/family. The purpose of the fraternity, like all fraternities, is to work together for the common good of each member.
    I take absolutely no offense to this type of debate/discussion. I think it’s healty and educational for everyone. It is nice to share ideas and opinions.
    And, I try to treat everyone well!

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