is lockes dad lockes dad?

i remember thinking this when i watched lost the first time around. to me it seems like lockes “dad” is just a con man who needs a kidney…”you needed a father figure… i needed a kidney”

is he actually locke’s birth father or just someone who needed a kidney?? any thoughts

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3 thoughts on “is lockes dad lockes dad?

  1. fatandconfused, I feel the same way about Anthony Cooper, and wondered if he was really Locke’s biological father.

    I find the whole scenario of him being brought to ‘the island’, unbelievable. Why would Ben, of all people arrange for this, when he seemed to be so opposed to Locke becoming leader of ‘the others’?

    But, maybe that was Ben’s point. He knew Locke couldn’t/wouldn’t kill him, but never counted on Richard giving Locke an out, by using Sawyer to do the ‘dirty deed’.

  2. Fatandconfused, THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this for a while now–I think Anthony Cooper is just a con man who met up with Locke’s mom, and they cooked up this story to get Locke’s kidney. And of course Locke’s mom was paid off handsomely for it. Now the question is, who is Locke’s real father?? If you subscribe to the theory that they were all brought to the island for a reason, then what is the reason Locke was brought there? I think that Locke is part of the ancient civilization who colonized the island many thousands of years ago. He, like Jack, has strong ties to the heritage of the island, and was brought back to assist in the “war that is coming.” Could he possibly be related to Jack/Claire/Aaron/Ray?? Just a thought….

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