Ms. Gardner Wall of Photos

In the episode “Confirmed Dead” in season four, we see a flash back of Miles when he visits a house to speak to a Ghost. We see two shots of the wall with the photos and in one photo, we see the picture of kid from Africa. It could be Eko but it doesn’t look like him. But there’s something important about this wall, whe see it twice like we need to notice something on it. Could it be eko or his brother? Could it be Henry Gale? There are other black children as well on the wall, but only this one with the child that looks like Eko is clear. I would like to hear any suggestions…

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11 thoughts on “Ms. Gardner Wall of Photos

  1. We’re given two shots of the wall because in each shot the photo frames are different.

    How or why this is still remains a mystery but I think it leans towards time travel and perhaps a tiny change in the past which makes a tiny change in the future.

  2. i havnt watched this episode for a long time lostdestiny, so i cant be certain about what is on the wall in my head. i shall re watch again soon and see what my opinion is about it. thanks for bringing this up. eko rocks

  3. I always thought that the kid in the picture looked like young eko too, right down to the style of clothing. You’re right though, they must show it like that for a reason. That’s an awesome catch emzi, I’ve gotta watch that again!

  4. LostDestiny – thanks for posting the link. I find it hard to believe though that they don’t even mention the fact that the photo frames have changed even though they posted the 2 pictures.

    I don’t think we’re meant to focus on who is in the photo – it’s more the fact that the photo frames changed.

    I wrote a post on my blog about this when it first aired – check it out 🙂

  5. I dont think they change place… I think that they are 3 copies of the same picture. I think the same picture is on the wall in 3 different frames… I have to watch that episode again… I’ll check your post now! 😉

  6. I saw your post, your photos are better than the link i provided. Yeah you’re right! The photo frames changed. Desmond being responsible for this is the only clue for now but how do you know it’s the same date? Oh and i dont understand how desmond changed the fate of the flight, the were already crashed!?

  7. I have just watched the scene, there different photos before he goes to speak to the ghost and different photos after. You can see more photos before, when miles is walking on the stairs. Maybe we should notice that the black kid’s photo only stays the same. And maybe MILES CHANGED THAT by speaking to the ghost and NOT DESMOND! How about that?

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