Missing Child

In Season 2 “Everybody Hates Hugo” Hurley is drinking from a milk carton, is the picture of the missing child Walt?

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7 thoughts on “Missing Child

  1. Me too, does anyone know how to get one? Its right before the LOST intro, so its early on during the episode. You can kinda make out a name, it looks like Walter, the last name is short, I don’t know what his mom’s last name was or Brian’s

  2. yeah grego, that looks like walt to me? i have no idea why he is on the side of a milk carton though?
    records would show that walt was on 815, and we no that charles widmore planted an aircraft and bodies under the ocean and the world at large belived it to be 815? it seems strange to me that a missing person who was on a flight that went missing would be on the side of a milk carton?
    could it possibly be something that the creators have put in there for us viewers to pick up on?
    or could there be something about walt that we do not know yet? something that had happened before he got on 815 with michael? and that is the reason he is on the side of the milk carton? bizare, very bizare? thanks for bringing this up. eko rocks

  3. It happened in Hurley’s dream and it was at the time when Walt had been kidnapped by The Others.

    It was just one of those great Easter Eggs the Lost creators love to throw in 🙂

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