Locke & The Casimir Effect

In between seasons, I always find it a good time to reflect on things we’ve already seen in the past and forget about what may happen. Today I decided to check out The Comic Con videos from years past. Similarly, I highly recommend checking out the new Oceanic Video….

What I thought about specifically was the Orchid video – which I found to be the best of these ‘break’ videos. Dr. Chang mentions the Casimir effect and another No. 15 rabbit shows up. He exclaims not to let the two rabbits near each other. We know what will happen from Season 3, approximately a year and a half before the video is released: Sawyer is injected with some apparatus, we can assume the No. 8 rabbit (Bonnie) is too. Bonnie is placed on Sawyer’s chest in a cage post-injection, convulsed by Ben and dies. Sawyer realises later that when Ben told him it was all a ruse that perhaps they got another rabbit and painted an 8 on it. When asking Ben how does he know this is not the case, Ben replies that he doesn’t. Sawyer is frightened that he may have been injected with a pacemaker or some equivalent device that can blow up his heart and that Ben has double-crossed him. Ben, nonetheless has planted a seed of doubt. What Sawyer doesn’t know is that though he is right, instead of the fear that the rabbit died of cardiac arrest, he died as a result of the casimir effect point out by Dr. Chang in the Orchid video. Therefore, we know the casimir effect is at work on the island and can be manipulated when necessary or in certain contexts. That said, we know that certain properties of the island allow for a second manifestation of an object, i.e. the two No. 15 rabbits and probably the two No. 8 rabbits – interesting allusion Rabbit 8 and Rabbit 15 : 815. Therefore, can we assume that it is not something mystical that Esau is doing, but purely science? Is his manifestation of John Locke, i.e. Anti-Locke, simply a by-product of the casimir effect. I think it is. I don’t think when Anti-Locke came upon himself on two occassions (at the hatch and when he sends Richard to go help himself) that he just decided not to go near his former self for the sake of scaring Former-Locke or causing some back to the future type paradox. He avoided the meeting in order to avoid the effect of this meeting, which is death via the casimir effect. How would Esau know about this effect? Well, he’s been on the island for a very long time and in addition, as he is able to manipulate manifestations of people’s bodies and seems in a sense unaging, then we can assume that he can manipulate time and space, similar to the casimir effect. For further, factual info on what exactly the casimir effect is, check out wiki. However, for a dumbed down version it is simply the reaction of force and it’s varying particles between two objects or plates. I recommend checking wiki. Let me know what you think of this theory.

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3 thoughts on “Locke & The Casimir Effect

  1. not a bad theory but who’s to say that time travel causes any anti behavior and if time travel was the case and anti locke is either locke or the mib then for locke why the change in behavior.Doesn’t make since time travel would not effect your behavior only your location in time. It wouldn’t clone you per say. only place you in a time where there could be two of you. But if thats not locke and its the MIB then how did the MIB make himself into somebody else? Remember Jacob said you found your loophole. Locke rather anti or not would not have know that conversation had taken place considering he wouldn’t have even existed yet. So that had to be the MIB. Not some other form of Locke. That leaves me to say that the MIB has the ability to take other forms. Such as Claire, Jacks dad, etc. Even the horse from season what 2. perhaps the cloud is really the MIB black clothes black cloud. Theres no way to know its all speculation sorry don’t agree with the theory but was well thought out.

  2. I’m not saying time travel causes ‘anti-behaviour’ at all. What I’m saying is that the casimir effect causes ‘a second coming’ of a manifestation. There are no clones as the producers pointed out. The main hypothesis is simply that Esau’s loophole was in fact the casimir effect. Furthermore, I don’t believe Smokie to be any manifestation of Esau or visa versa; and if this is so, I’d be extremely surprised and let down – based on the fact that we know Smokie comes from a period circa Egyptian times, roughly 3000 BC. I’m truly hoping Esau is not that old and that he is not able to shapeshift into smoke. That’s a cop out. In addition, I don’t think Christioan is Esau either. Christian’s body has been missing since Season 1. That’s a long time. Locke’s body never went missing. He is there as a corpse and this alternative Locke, as I theorise again is a product of the casimir effct, the lopphole Esau needed.

  3. Clever Name regarding Lost, I love your thoughts on this!

    First off, I totally agree that the smoke monster and Jacob’s Nemesis are not the same! There is simply no evidence that points to that conclusively.

    As for Christian’s body, he could be a manifestation of ‘the island’ for all we know.

    I believe you are right in terms of the ‘Casimir Effect’ being responsible for Fake Locke being able to roam around ‘the island’, while the real Locke’s body is laying on the beach. That seems like a logical conclusion to draw.

    Given what is known about ‘the island’ and its unique properties, (4th dimensional time-space) accompanied with the fact that time itself, flows differently on ‘the island’ than it does on the outside world, leads me to believe that the Casimir Effect is how it is possible for there to be a duplication of John Locke!

    AES has a better understanding of how to place the Casimir Effect into simple laymen’s terms, so I hope he reads your theory.

    What you suggest about the reason Fake Locke was unable to physically approach and come into contact with the real John Locke seems very plausible!

    Excellent theory!

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