the smoke monster. . . .

when Richard visits Locke as a young boy, there is a drawing on the wall which clearly depicts the smoke monster.

i think there could be two possible reasons for this.

firstly, a time loop is happening so subconciously, John remembers the smoke monster even though up to this point in his current life he has not encountered it yet.

or, the smoke monster actually has some iconic meaning (death, fate etc) within the story and if John had had some sort of dream about, for example death, when he was young, this could explain the drawing.

or maybe there (probably) is some other explaination?

i do think, however, that this drawing needs explaining though in S6.

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8 thoughts on “the smoke monster. . . .

  1. What if,

    A. Locke (being as special and connected to the island as he is) had a dream about a black smoke monster as a child which would later manifest on the island.


    B. Since Locke had been to the island in 1954 before he was even born, and since a time loop is present and he probably goes through the same life – only slightly changed by “progress” he has seen the smoke monster before which has resided in his memory.

    B is the more likely answer!

  2. they’ll more than likely explain it in a brief moment of the show nothing major though your more than likely right it’s will end up being like a dejavu thing where he had seen in and through time loops he remembered it as a kid. The effect on the human brain through time loops who knows. but dejavu I could see that.

  3. I think he has been there before. He must be in a time loop, even since season 1 – it would explain why he could walk, why he seemed to know so much about the island, and why he seemed so creepy when speaking with Walt in the pilot when talking about Backgammon.

  4. I_Am_Jacob, I think ‘the subconscious’ memory would make sense, but what alos may make sense, is a theme we know is present in Lost, but has yet to play out on screen.

    That would be the ‘reincarnation’ theme, which would also account for any memories present in John’s subconscious as a child.

    I haven’t thought through all of the ramifications of it, as a whole, because it would involve re-thinking the entire situation, but it is something worth considering.

    Good thoughts!

  5. Yes, Dabiatchishere, somehow the scene with Richard going to visit boy Locke and showing him objects to choose from, reminded me of a scene in Little Buddha, the movie made by Bertolucci,about reincarnation of the DhalaiLama or of another monk, I don’t Know. In that scene young boys were asked to choose among several objects the ones that once belonged to the dead monk. If one of them did choose the right objects he was very likely to be the monk reincarnation. Anyway I do agree with you that somehow reincarnation could be considered as a possible way to explain why little Locke had drawn the smoke monster. Thank you for the input!

  6. perhaps jacob in fact had some influence on the guardians of locke at the time, and as dabs said, in his subconcious.
    this would be important for john not feerinf the smoke mosnter to survive its wrath!


  7. I think that we saw that picture because Locke as a child drew it after seeing it in a sort-of-dream.

    What I mean is that when Locke spoke to Richard in 1954, the flashes were happening, and before that flash when they were talking, Locke said to Richard to visit Locke as a child.

    I think because present Locke said this to ‘past’ Richard, Locke as a child had already seen this smoke monster because of present Locke > which would tell Richard that he has been on the island and seen the smoke monster (any maybe more)

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